February 28, 2011

Late to the table . . . or blogging

I am ever late to the table ;-) but picking up the threads, i have belatedly, followed a tapestry of comments woven across the web recently, about blogging, the need & the reason. A fascinating subject, i found myself nodding in agreement most vigorously.
Words very much worth dipping in and out of from such wonderful folk as Rima at the Hermitage”, Christina in her “mermaids attic” & Terri Windling at her “drawing board”. I am compelled to add my own voice, such an impact has it had. Blogging began for me as a way to record the journey of re-discovering my arty self.
I certainly did not expect to tumble, Alice like, right into the heart of a magical land.
A hitherto, hidden treasure, a web of creative folk, discussing, encouraging, sharing
Rima's blog being one of the very first i became spellbound by. This ethereal sharing is an altogether new & rewarding experience, a humbling thing;
it draws the world closer. As Christina says, it is difficult in this “crazy busy world” to have regular conversation with like minded folk. I find it scarily difficult in the "real" world to "sell" my ideas, my work. Yet here, within this community of bloggers from far flung corners of the world, most of whom have never met, i have made wonderful connections, shared many varied passions & inspirations & found such vast encouragement that i have begun at last to find courage.
Blogging i believe requires its own kind of self belief & bravery, and as Terry Windling says in her post here, we have to decide where to draw our own line, how much or little of ourselves do we share. Non blogger friends gasp in horror at the thought of opening up to strangers, but blogging is to me essentially about being yourself, staying true.
It has been said from reading my blog it seems I live “a wonderfully peaceful & perfect life”. Yet life is never as it seems & this comment set me a wondering, then i read Christina’s words on why we blog here & i remembered that i have draw my own line, why i share only the good bits & pieces, the smiley & precious thing in my life! As a lass whose muse at times dips her toes into the unexpected “blues”, i set myself ways to balance my days. This became the “5 precious things” I remember at the end of each day, in turn this became the name of my blog, a place for peace & calm & loveliness,
for myself as well as folks who find themselves here. For me blogging has become another creative way to express myself, as Rima says another “art form” and one which i hope to long continue in. Through blogging i have explored & discovered a deeper sense of self, and a feeling of fitting in; making so many connections. Now as i work away in my little studio, i am reminded through these connections that we are all delicate stitches in the rich, detailed tapestry of creativity that this "blogging" connects us to.

February 16, 2011

Galloway scenery, sculptures & sunsets

Needing a taste of the sharp frost filled air
we set off exploring, into the heart of the Galloway forest. As our eyes soaked up beautiful colours,
i breathed deep & felt the stresses of the week slide away.
We discovered hidden treasures, "the Quorum",
sitting silently, carved faces built into the old stone dyke.
Now beautifully weathered & looking as if they have always belonged.
We watched clouds race as we climbed to Murray's monument
& listened to the song of tumbling water at the "grey mare's waterfall".
At the waters edge unusual patterns, in sparkling jewels of ice.
Darkness settling over the hills told us it was time to head home
with happy hearts & a deep sense of peace now restored.
I have been having a great deal of fun printing my own cards,
choosing images, designing labels & deciding on packaging.
Each card has relevant snippets of folklore & traditions on the back.
Finished at last, the first ones are in "mythweaver" my etsy shop,
I shall be gradually adding more designs as the weeks go by.
* * *
*You can see more images of the Galloway hills sculptures here *

February 05, 2011

Myth Weaver shop. . .

Hello folks, well, at long last, i have finally done it. . .
* I am very happy to announce the opening of
"Myth Weaver"my very own on-line Etsy shop.
* * *
I will be selling original artwork, prints & cards
and from time to time, my one-of-a kind
tiny animal sculptures, hand stitched bits & bobs
& other lovelies i am stirred to make.
* * *
Each print & artwork comes with a handmade tiny book,
full of snippets of folklore & a selection of my art works.
If a print or artwork is to be bought as a gift,
a personal message can be aded to the booklet.
* * * *
Such an amazing journey of re-discover i have had
to reach this point & to have uncovered again my arty self
(you can read here & here of my wobbly beginning steps)
* * *
I just want to say, I couldn't have done it without you
From the precious encouragement from fellow bloggers & readers
& the most amazing support from my wonderful Mr O.
Thank you all from the very bottom of my heart
Have a wonderful weekend all.
x x x