April 27, 2012

wildlife visitors to the garden . . .

I do so love my early morning walks with Poppy.
Up with the birds we are out climbing through the garden,
heading for the hills behind the cottage.
I set out with my trusty camera and my heart filled with excitement, 
for i never know what or even who we may come across!

Visitors this week
* Even before we set out, I saw Mr Hare from the studio window as he loped by, he's becoming a regular, maybe he's asking to be painted!

* I heard Mr woodpecker loudly knocking, and later came across him & his new lady doing a spectacular mating dance, calling & fluttering about up in the trees.

* Poppy followed mysterious hoof prints in the mud from the garden, across the bridge over the stream, and up the path into the woods and there, a tiny Roe deer snapping off grassy stems.

* and we were serenaded by this sweet little chaffinch who followed us a wee while. You can hear their call on this you-tube clip here .

These visitors to my garden remind me of how very lucky I am to live where I do surrounded by all this beauty. Do you see or hear visitors  near by?  Have a beautiful weekend all x

April 25, 2012

Lantern making workshops . . .

When word came that a lantern making workshop was being held in the local town hall, I couldn’t resist! I love nothing more than creating & making things and I had never tried lanterns before.
The workshop was open to anyone interested in making simple paper lanterns,
using cane, masking tape, tissue paper & plenty of glue. No experience necessary.
The day was organised by Colin & Pauline Saul & guided along by others
We willing volunteers soon became engrossed in our creations.
 So much fun & enthusiasm and so many wonderful ideas.
By the end of the day we were surrounded by crowns, fish. birds!
I think I can safely say a wonderful creative day was had by all.
All this lantern making experience is now being put to good use
as we all head out into the community to share our learnings with others.
The aim of this venture is to create over 500 paper lanterns
for the evening of 4th June, when Kirkcudbright is holding, what will surely be,
a spectacular  fireworks display & lantern parade to celebrate the Queens Jubilee.

If you are anywhere near Kirkcudbright on that date do come by to take part,
there will be lanterns for sale on the evening, or perhaps you like the idea of
trying your hand . . . .well, it just so happens that on
 Saturday 5th May ~ 10 - 5 ~ in Kirkcudbright upper town hall
there is going to be another open to all "lantern making workshop" event !
I can't wait, I have a swan to finish, can u spot him above? Will we see you there? 
 I do hope so, it is such fun & turned out to be extremely theraputic too!
 If you cant' possibly make it, but love the look of lantern making,
you can find some excellent instructions on how to make the lanters here.

April 20, 2012

What brings you Peace, for heart & soul

Thank you everyone who shared your beautiful “deep peace" thoughts,
each and every word you left touched me so deeply.
I felt the connections strongly, read words that moved me,
Found writings written from the heart that bought tears to my eyes 
and peaceful thoughts that filled my heart to bursting.
Far to many words to share all here,
so I have gathered together a few of my most favourite
 I hope that they bring you as much joy as they did me.
*     *     * 
Here they are, some of your thoughts on what brings you Peace . . .

* Walking in the woods
* Hearing an owl call on a dark night
* Observing nature, looking, seeing, smelling, touching and feeling inside of bliss.
* Watching the sky, stars, clouds, falling stars, foxes.
* Standing on a cliff top, looking out over a wide expanse of blue.
* On a stormy night I lie in my cosy bed and listen to the sounds outside.
* Listening to the dawn chorus.
* Blowing kisses to the moon 

* Writing Small Stones, daily writing that capture a moment of focused noticing.
* Working in the garden, no thought beyond this plant, these roots, this branch.
* Walking, feeling the earth beneath my feet and a breeze on my face.
* My life at 65, freedom and time to pursue my loves.
* Moving tinkling silvery ripples of the many springs, streams and brooks.
* Being alone with my own thoughts.
* A good night's sleep - to wake up in the morning and all's right with the world.
* Knowing tomorrow will come, somewhere, for someone.
* The beauty of the music & the chance encounter of the starlings' ballet in the sky
*Knowing your place in the universe, realizing that the atoms and molecules that comprise of you're being were once the fiery guts of a star, the teeth of a T-rex, and the leaves of a Cyprus tree. 
* That feeling of being near someone without needing to impress them or fill the moment with much more than just being together. ~ by Mickie x

Are you feeling at peace now after all your wonderful words?
I do hope so.  Thank you all so very much for taking the time to share.

I keep a little book filled with inspiring quotes & lovely images, it is my happiness book.  Maybe you do something similar, or perhaps it is a thing you could begin, if so, please do share your thoughts & ideas, we would love to know  . . . .
In the near future I will be blogging about my wee book & its contents, sharing some ideas & inspirations too,  so do watch this space x


The tea is made, the cakes are waiting, so do pull up a chair  
and I will reveal the winner of my give-away.
My boy kindly did the deed & picked out a name . . . .
so without more ado I am happy to announce the winner is . . .
 . . . .  Mickie Mueller!    Yay, congratulatios!
Mickie is a wonderful fantasy artist who paints magical beings,
do take a look at her lovely blog "Tales from the old wooden table".