February 28, 2011

Late to the table . . . or blogging

I am ever late to the table ;-) but picking up the threads, i have belatedly, followed a tapestry of comments woven across the web recently, about blogging, the need & the reason. A fascinating subject, i found myself nodding in agreement most vigorously.
Words very much worth dipping in and out of from such wonderful folk as Rima at the Hermitage”, Christina in her “mermaids attic” & Terri Windling at her “drawing board”. I am compelled to add my own voice, such an impact has it had. Blogging began for me as a way to record the journey of re-discovering my arty self.
I certainly did not expect to tumble, Alice like, right into the heart of a magical land.
A hitherto, hidden treasure, a web of creative folk, discussing, encouraging, sharing
Rima's blog being one of the very first i became spellbound by. This ethereal sharing is an altogether new & rewarding experience, a humbling thing;
it draws the world closer. As Christina says, it is difficult in this “crazy busy world” to have regular conversation with like minded folk. I find it scarily difficult in the "real" world to "sell" my ideas, my work. Yet here, within this community of bloggers from far flung corners of the world, most of whom have never met, i have made wonderful connections, shared many varied passions & inspirations & found such vast encouragement that i have begun at last to find courage.
Blogging i believe requires its own kind of self belief & bravery, and as Terry Windling says in her post here, we have to decide where to draw our own line, how much or little of ourselves do we share. Non blogger friends gasp in horror at the thought of opening up to strangers, but blogging is to me essentially about being yourself, staying true.
It has been said from reading my blog it seems I live “a wonderfully peaceful & perfect life”. Yet life is never as it seems & this comment set me a wondering, then i read Christina’s words on why we blog here & i remembered that i have draw my own line, why i share only the good bits & pieces, the smiley & precious thing in my life! As a lass whose muse at times dips her toes into the unexpected “blues”, i set myself ways to balance my days. This became the “5 precious things” I remember at the end of each day, in turn this became the name of my blog, a place for peace & calm & loveliness,
for myself as well as folks who find themselves here. For me blogging has become another creative way to express myself, as Rima says another “art form” and one which i hope to long continue in. Through blogging i have explored & discovered a deeper sense of self, and a feeling of fitting in; making so many connections. Now as i work away in my little studio, i am reminded through these connections that we are all delicate stitches in the rich, detailed tapestry of creativity that this "blogging" connects us to.


  1. "Through blogging i have explored & discovered a deeper sense of self, and a feeling of fitting in, made so many connections. Now as i work away in my little studio, i am reminded through these connections that we are all delicate stitches in the rich, detailed tapestry of creativity that this "blogging" connects us to."

    This is exactly how I feel with Blogging, you've said it beautiful!

  2. An interesting, thoughtful post - and I found Christina's comments very thought-provoking - thanks for the link. I'm here leaving a comment, but I think my comment is just to thank you for encouraging me to think more about the nature of blogging. I shall p;onder on this tonight, as I go to sleep! Abby x

  3. Helen, than you!

    Abby, it is food for thought, i never gave much of any of this a thought when i first set out on my blogging days, yet have gained more than i could have ever have dreamed of. sweet dreams. x

  4. I too have been enjoying the various threads of this conversation and nodding vigourously just like you! It has certainly strengthened I think the sense of artistic community I believe we have all felt, it is a good thing to have found :)

  5. Beautiful and resounding reasons, Ruthie. Blog world connects us surprisingly and truly. I am often more deep and honest when I blog. In other ways, like you, I try to keep fixed on the "precious things" and let them rise to the top as I blog.

  6. Glad you got in on the feast! And, that photograph of the trees and ridges is sooo much like the first painting in my recent post, did you notice that! Its what I was after, that misty feeling.

  7. Welcome to the table Ruthie, so glad you're here...as your blog, Rima's and Terri's, were the three that got me started. I could see the reasons for doing it in them, could see the potential for reaching out and 'meeting' people who understood what I do, for sharing ideas and beautiful things. It has been wonderful, I feel a true connection to people all over the place, and it has been so inspiring for my work. Thank you for being an inspiration, and for your wonderful encourgement along the way!

  8. Wonderful post Ruthie! Just wonderful... Certainly very thought provoking, it's made me sit up and reflect on my own blogging. I've been so worried about not posting recently all I've seemed to do is blog about not posting much recently instead of giving it any proper consideration. Thank you, you're really given me a lot to mull over. Also, I LOVE your photos! Hope you are well my friend,
    Roisin x

  9. Blogging is like a movable feast of beautiful things, inspiration shared, food for thought at the ready. The artistic community is an important thing for me, as well ~ happy to be at the table with you :~)

  10. You have a lovely blogg, I find myself blogging also, Im new to it, for me it's a distraction from all the problems creeping up on us 'peak oil, climate change, pollution, population explosion, water shortages' and so on. I like to put up a shell of the things that Im interested in as a buffer against all the negetive stuff bombarding us, Im not too fussed about fitting, just hope I can infect people with a little smile :)

  11. I certainly agree with the idea of the line. There is a huge area of my life which I just don't count as suitable for blogging. It's just not possible to hide them away but they are rarely the main subject - so for all my children get mentioned from time to time or the odd girlfriend (maybe even a less odd one eventually), I just don't think people want to hear about the trials and tribulations of my life. But there again you don't want your blog to appear impersonal - it's a bit of a balancing act where you draw the line.
    As to why I started blogging originally, well I'm afraid that lies on the wrong side of the line.

  12. All your blogs look beautiful again :-)That second picture with the heart in the tree, great, super !Sorry, I read the text next time, nice evening :-)

  13. What a truly lovely post Ruthie, it has lifted my spirits to read it.xxx

  14. Wise words kind Ruthie, blogging is like kneeting with our own colour threads a spicey world wide web...It is very encouraging to find people like you so creative and friendly... as long as we co-habitate and publish and share our heritage. a better WebNation shall be rising up on the net..isn't it?
    Best Wishes and blessings..
    love and light ☼

  15. Isn't it a marvel how kindred spirits find one another? This path through the electrons makes for surprising discoveries. I find great hope with this sharing of passion, hopes, and dreams.

  16. Ruthie, I am just so glad that you DID discover blogging. It is always a joy to visit here. You have certainly found your tribe out here. xo

  17. Wonderfilled blog page. So glad to have found all the kindreds spirits here. Thank you so much! X

  18. Thank you for the interesting entry and for the links to all those inspiring blogs.
    The idea of the Artists' village is really wonderful, feels so warm and cosy somehow, approaching this "web of creative folk".
    However, I'm still in two minds about blogging, because it is so tempting - to escape the offline life, to neglect it in favour of this colourful and comfortable world with beautiful pictures and nice people... which can be reduced to ashes at any second if the Internet connection fails :)
    I still ask myself sometimes: Am I actually _doing_ things, or just playing with pixels? How real is this?

  19. Dear Ruthie it was discovering your blog and then Rima's that made me want to dive into a world so varied, so talented. I was astounded at the sheer brilliance of the people I have encountered, it's truly mind-boggling how many people are creative and it's so inspiring too!
    Like alot of older people I resisted the computer for a long time and it's taken me three years to figure out my blog and I've still tons I don't know. But my days are never without it now and all the wondrous connections with like-minded people. Not least of course it's enabled me to feast upon Art and visit places I'm presently unable to see!

  20. Dear Ruthie,
    Your words are enlightening and very true my friend.
    Being an artist can be a lonely profession, but blogging and facebook has liberated us creative hermits!
    I love everything about this post and we are all sewing a big patchwork blanket on the internet, with beautiful stitches and colours.
    It is a wonderful place to share our creativity!
    Love and Blessings,

    P.S. You are lucky to have seen a hare! ;-)

  21. Oh my, this thread of conversation has certainly run deep. I get a sense that for many it has strengthened feelings & made deep impressions. Created a clarity of vision on the blogging community & importance it plays. Fascinating. thank you all for taking the time to join in x

    Carrie, i do agree, it seems to have tightened the threads, wonderful! It feels like a little magic is at work x

    Faith, its lovely to hear from u, u busy lady! i wonder what it is about this blogging that makes us do that? maybe it is just easier to be deep & honest when we can sit and contemplate & weave our words together to show the colours we really are made of x x

    Christina, "hugs" ;-) its a wondeful feeling that inspiration isn't it, and you give out so very much of it too x x

    Roisin, i used to feel that way more when i first set out, just be true to u x

    James - thank you! those are indeed things we need distracted from, even if only for a short while, so that we remember to remember that the world is not all bad. ;-)

    Sandy, hi, blog neighbour! the line is important to me for my families sakes too, i dont think they would all be best pleased to be making appearences here.

    Celtic Sprite, thank you! one of the things i especially love about it all is the sharing across countries & cultures, fascinating.

    Richard, it is amazing & i yes it gives a warm feeling of hope, that in this day so many varied folk can make all these connections. If all the world were like this what a truly wonderful place it would be.

    Lecte, i did ponder that myself , i think it is all about balance. I feel, even if the net where to disappear tomorrow the deep connections, impressions & inspiration that i have gained from this experience will stay with me always, they have already hugely changed me.

    Jane, im so glad you stuck out the 3 years! thank you sweetie, your words are very precious x

    Jo- i can just picture this wonderful blanket!!!

    thank you all folks, hope you have a wonderful weekend x

  22. Ruthie,
    How lovely to find your comment, I have been enjoying seeing what you have been up. Lovely photographs as always.
    I think I agree with being positive, I wanted my blog to inspire, be uplifting. I always liked that about 5 precious things.

  23. Hi Ruthie,I'm late with the comment again.I'm blaming my dashboard for hiding your post.
    Almost using your own words,we are all part of life's rich tapestry,and where there are common threads so there will be harmony.

    P.S the word on your word verification for this comment is singneep !...I've never heard of musical turnips before

  24. Anonymous13/3/11 18:20

    Most eloquently described, and every observation is one I believe in too. Blogging has made me some very good friends, friends who got to know me through what I wrote that they read which I doubt had they met me for real I would have spoken or they heard. Word verification is 'ingest' ~ I can't believe word verification is random.

  25. Lovely to read and see your post. Blogging is a sweet gift in so very many ways. I enjoyed reading the importance of balancing your days. So lovely to meet you through our blogs.

  26. Like "Anne of Green Gables" I used to believe that kindred spirits were so difficult to find. Living in a farming community for over 2o years as an artist,I don't have many around me with common interests. Since joining the blogging world I have found an overwhelming ABUNDANCE of Kindred souls. What a joy to meet someone, whom you never would have known existed, and be able to share ideas and inspiration. I wish they were my neighbors! Somehow, while scribbling away in my studio, I feel even more inspired, knowing that later on I can share what I have accomplished at the worktable with my new "friends".... as they can with me.

  27. Ruthie I got so choked up reading this. (beautiful photos too!) I am sitting here with my cereal trying not to cry. You hit the nail on the head in so many ways!

    I have a friend who is in her 80s who goes on my blog from her iPad and she says she knows me in a whole new way from reading my blog. It is so interesting, like you say, what we share on our blogs... often the best of ourselves which is a beautiful thing.

    blessings and light to you my friend. :)

  28. Ruthie! This tree with the heart needs to be submitted to Guest Heart Thursday. My Sister Clytie hosts it every week. Such enchanting photography!

  29. Thank you Ruthie for visiting me. I am rather new to blogging and often can't think what to write, I am a very private person. I often find it difficult to write about my ideas and work but I am trying to write in the blog once a week. I find your post interesting and thought provoking.

  30. What a great thread you got started Ruthie. I rarely read such a long thread but I did today.... you've really connected us all on this one : ) I too think of the "bloggespere" like a treasure hunt....so much hidden beauty just waiting to be uncovered. So exciting to connect with the whole world and realize how small and wonderful it really is. Thank you for sharing your beautiful images and words.

  31. How wonderfully written. I'm very new to the bloggy world and am so interested in the impact it is having on my life and to others. Thanks for sharing your insight xx

  32. My first time here to your blog, but certainly not my last. I agree with you wholeheartedly, the blogging world inspires me to be creative, to throw my carcass out there, take some photos and share a bit of the beauty that I find in this world.

    Along the way I have met some amazing people, some literally in my backyard and some around the world. So comforting to know they are all a key stroke away from a cup of tea and a hello.

    Be true to yourself, that is what it's all about!


  33. Wonderful post, and beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

  34. Though I might not always comment, I for one am grateful for your blog(s). I've told you before that I always come away renewed in some way after my visits. I believe you are a person, though we've never met, that sees the good in her world and expresses that with a grateful and creative heart through your art and photos and posts. Thank you.

  35. Beautiful post Ruthie xJ

  36. Beautifully stated Ruthie. You know I always love your blog (although I've been so very behind in keeping up with everyone's. But latest deadline is behind me - so maybe I can do better now for awhile).

    I loved reading about all the adventures you've had just in the past few months! Hope things are well with you and yours.


  37. I pass by here, in this beautiful place, but not often leaving a comment.
    This time, must say, I have to write down something: just to say that this place is always very inspiring to me and somehow gives me motivation to continue painting just for itself and the beauty I can find in things, despite the low feeback and the lack of skills.
    Thank you again for this peaceful and beautiful place!

  38. well said Ruthie. xxxxxxxxx

  39. what a great blog! you are so inspirational and I aspire to be a great blogger like you! if you get the chance i would love for you to check out my blog! I would love to hear your opinions!
    follow me?

  40. What a wonderful post!!! I love that photo of the tree heart. I hope you don't mind, but I've put in a link to my sister Clytie's blog "Random Hearts," for Guest Heart Thursday. She will just love this.

    I LOVE your blog!


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