January 25, 2012

Magical happenings in Edinburgh . . .

The tale of magical happenings in Edinburgh,
where tiny intricate sculptures are
left mysteriously about the city.
Nobody knows who puts them there,
but they are certainly causing a stir.
You can see a film clip about them here.

January 16, 2012

Waking up to a new year . . .

As the tired old year drew to its last few quiet hours
It was time to remember & to say fond farewells,
to be thankful for the many magical moments we had shared.
 Time to reminisce over different paths my feet had wandered, 
here and there and back again!  Paths that led to  . . .
my becoming fully self employed & my very own boss!
To a new wee cottage tucked amongst the Galloway hills.
To discovering so many wonderful & new like minded souls
who taught me how to grow and led me off on new adventures.
To my finding at long last, my quiet space within.
A year filled with many lessons learnt. 
I woke sleepy eyed into 2012, wanting to savour this new beginning,
this year in which i am 50, I never thought I would look forward to that!
But I do and I am. I have planned out my years goals for home, work & play.
I have happily polished up my business plan, until it almost glows!
 Finally I am ready, fingers itching, to tumble back into my studio.
So, I'm here, I'm ready as I will ever be.  Its good morning to you 2012!
I look forward to getting to know you so very much better.
May we become the best of friends. I am hopeful & excited too!
I wonder what magic you will begin to reveal!
Oh, i almost forgot, but however could I!
A very new wee soul came into our lives just before Christmas
a tiny pup who we already adore. Here to meet you, is Poppy!
(Can you imagine my delight when I discovered her 
pedigree kennel name is Lady of Magic! It was meant to be)

Here's to filling each & every day with love & hope & happiness.
*  *  * 
Do you remember my mentioning the Essence of Wild 
 bare foot breathing course I loved? Just in case some of you may be interested
there is a a new course starting very soon,  you can find the details here