July 29, 2009

The gypsy in me

Perhaps it was the books I have been dipping into lately
tales told of the old ways of the Scottish Gypsies/ Travellers Perhaps it was remembering a dear friend who is soon off on a
delicious, horse drawn, gypsy caravan holiday around Ireland
Perhaps it was coming across the work of Helen Musselwhite 
and her delicate piece entitled "gypsy caravan".gypsy caravan by helen musselwhitePerhaps it was "gypsea tea" a delicious blog by a like minded lass
that led me to les-verdines , gypsy inspired lovelies to sigh over.
Perhaps it was the oh so sweet, long ago murmur of a memory
grandma singing the "wraggle taggle gypsies" song to me
(the song that led me to fall in love with the gypsies
gypsy clothes , gypsy songs, gypsy travels).

Perhaps all these things and more inspired my gypsy within
who loves to dance bare foot under the moon
to walk in the wild open places,
to wander under the cool green trees

July 20, 2009

the loveliest girl in the world . . .

. . for almost a decade Miina Savolainen,finnish photographer, art and social educator photographed 10 girls from Hyvönen Children's Home.
the outcome was this photo book/project

"The Loveliest Girl In The World" The basis of the project was “empowerment”
"to give girls a different perspective of themselves,
to bring to the surface their true persona,
or perhaps a persona they wished they could be"
it is a touching story about becoming visible & accepting yourself
"everyone of us is entitled to feel precious and loved"
"The fairytale quality of the photographs reveals
a truth often obscured by the rough and tumble of daily life
the person each young girl feels she really is inside.
It allows the girls to regard themselves as strong and undamaged people.
These photographs are deeply authentic,
revealing the universal desire to be seen as good and valuable."
* * *
"Accepting one's own portrait
is a metaphor for accepting
one’s own personality"

July 15, 2009

quiet time . . .

quietness has crept into every corner of this wee house
just old bear & me. . . . a little too quiet . . my old bear by ruthie for my two have been far away avisiting
perhaps that is why i was inspired to do "the hug"below!
the hug by ruthie
i have moved my own studio about (again)
but oops i didnt do my back much good . . . leaving my lovely mom to paint the "red-den" studio
& put up the hanging rails & dad to lay the new floor!
(photos to follow very soon)

at last i began working on some of my "family tree" ideas
so fascinated by geneology & tracing lines far back into history
names of folks long forgotten patiently waiting to be found
but, oh i could do with a little help, please if you could...
can you follow the family links on my tree
or are they a bit confusing?????

July 14, 2009

masquerade . . . by kit williams

a programme on the radio today
about the book "masquerade" (do you remember it?)
bought back happy memories
the beautifully illustrated "masquerade"
by kit williams was published in 1979
it was a tale of the moon & her love for the sun
hidden amongst the wonderful paintings were
clues to a real treasure hunt to find a golden hare
i was 17 back then & enthralled by this unique book
mom & i spent hours trying to solve those riddles.
you can read this amazing books tale here
in '82 a second book "untitled"was published
this riddle being to find the books name
i treasure my precious copies of both books
for their exquisite paintings,
the incredible details & hidden clues
& because it was these very books that
began my fascination with allegory & symbolism
(though now both out of print, it is possible to find copies still)

July 07, 2009

paths, painting & presents

oh my its july already
i meant to tell of last weeks happenings!
struggling with my painting in progress
"queen of the night"
a garden path at last ready
for visitors to the "red-den" (nearly there!)
a laughter filled 25th birthday
for my red haired lassie
travels to glasgow delivering a poorly applemac
& my wee bit o' self indulgence (above)
summery wanderings along the sunbleached sands
with a little dog called coco
then another new week . .

July 02, 2009

all creatures great & small

at first i think i am quite alone
yet as i work away in the garden,
these tiny creatures i find delicate ermine moth
delicately cloaked ermine moths
armour clad dor beetles
spikey caterpillars munching leaves
cockchafer beetle or may bug
"may bugs" or cockchafer beetles
distant relative of the regal scarab

garden snailsand more than plenty of . . . snails....