February 23, 2009

just for a wee while. . .

just sometimes, do you feel a tiny need . . .
. . . sometimes, for a little place to tuck yourself away
just to contemplate or read awhile . . .
to listen to the sounds of nature or just to be . . .
. . . i am packing up my pencils & my sketchbooks
am off to tuck myself away, for just a wee while
i shall be back very soon x
Taking myself off to Mom & Dads wee cottage
they so lovingly renvated by the coast.

Cathedrals & carvings

such a grey & dreary day it was when mr o decided we needed a distraction
so off on long travels across the scottish border to the city of Carlisle
& its wondrous gothic cathedral tucked away there
innocent angels & roguish gargoyles

creeping vines topping sandstone pillars
such realistic alabaster figures
** fantastical carved wooden creatures

and above all,
painted stars on a ceiling you could live with forever

February 21, 2009

celtic trees & an inner child

a wee while ago, another
delicious design book found its way into my hands
its storytelling designs, intricate knotwork inspired me
great fun & experimenting & splashings of colour followed
(in preperation - of course- for my own set of celtic designs )
as i hope, can be told from my celtic tree of life
i remember reading somewhere once upon a time how
the ancient celts believed in our centre we each have a golden child
i think that maybe i am just beginning to discover mine
I rather like the idea of my having an inner child
that precious innocence & sense of wonder at the world
the way children open their eyes wide & really see the world around them
the tiniest details (we so often loose this ability as we get older),
wonderful sense of fun & happiness & pleasure in simple things
a child's love, purely & simply given.

February 20, 2009

trees . . .

a wonderful book i am dipping in & out of just now is

for ever & always trees have fascinated me
the old lore & mysteries of these ancients
tall & majestic trunks that reach into the sky
intricate roots that cling to mossy banks
lacey pattern branches winter bare

i love photographing them, majestic & proud in all their shapes & sizes
the celtic tree for Feb-march is apparently the ash
"it is said to hold the key to healing the loneliness
of the human spirit out of touch with its origins"
after my walk . . . i feel spring is in the air

February 11, 2009

the letter R . . .

precious R things.....
rocking horses & red letter days
red breasted robins & rascally rabbits
rainbows & raspberries
* * *
sayings like "right as rain" & "its raining cats & dogs"
* * *
delicious scottish words like "richt" meaning right
"rummle-gumption" meaning understanding, common-sense
* * *
do you have R words that conjure lovely thoughts . . . .

February 10, 2009

Precious things 6 . . .

 my very 1st blog award!
from the sweet & inspiring Jessie Lilac
it seems i am to list 7 things i love - how difficult to decide which
so they have turned out very random indeed
typography - delicious shapes of, letters, words

the gentle eyes of velvety ponies & horses

angels and their glorious wings - this from the Burrellhand woven baskets & delicate corn dollies

hunting for old treasures - latest find, for the studio, mr O's brass top table (£2o)

wandering through old cemeteries & pondering the carvings there

finding beautiful images to photograph out on our walks.

February 04, 2009

faerie folk & arty self

this has been a mottled piece of scribbled on paper tucked away in a dark corner
for oh so very long (26yrs ouch!), unfinished when my arty self got lost
occasionally when i came across it, i would promise myself that
one day when i found my arty feet again, i would finish it
i didn't always quite believe - but
it seems i kept my promise

February 03, 2009

Illustration Friday ~ Climb

For Illustration Friday ~  climb, I made myself finish it.
I am so bad at finishing a thing, if i'm not just sure i like how it's going.
It's the perfectionist virgo part of me & its such a pest.