January 26, 2011

marrakesh adventures . . .

In the shivering coldness of December past,
my lasses & i excitedly set out upon an adventure
for some rare precious time & togetherness.
We brushed down our dusty French & headed
for warmer climes to long dreamed of Marrakesh.
Our 1st evening found us in the old part of the walled city,
outside a solitary studded wooden door, behind which
we found the warmest of welcomes at the Riad Cannelle
That evening we fell asleep to strange distant rhythmic drumming,
later we learnt it was the local children gathered in the street,
they all play the djembe, a traditional Moroccan hand held drum.
We woke to the soothing sound of trickling water- the fountain,
the singing of birds & the adhan, call to prayer calling over the roof tops,
After a breakfast of Moroccan pancakes & mint tea, see above, top left
(see also the array of deliciousness we tasted on our travels).
we soon set foot outside the riad straight into another world,
full of sights & sounds & smells, colour & noise & busyness.
Stepping right into the heart of the bustling souks.
A labyrinth of alleyways, we wandered, getting completely lost,
past stalls stuffed with carpets & lanterns, slippers & jewels,
stopping now & again to try our hand at haggling for goods!
After such an experience some quiet time was needed . .
so we made our way to the Saadian tombs dated 1578-1603
to gaze in wonder at intricate stucco work,
beautiful carvings in cedar wood & marble.
But best loved of all for me was . . .
. . . our visit to the El Bahia Palace,
a wonderful rich example of 19th century eastern architecture.
It took 15 years to complete, i can see why.
Each surface covered with carvings & paintings so detailed.
I could have happily wandered there for hours, just looking!
Our time was filled with adventures too many to tell all here,
and at the end of 4 days we three tired but happy travellers
heading home, back to the snow & a wonderful Christmas,
full of wonderful memories to cherish.
* * *
I came away with a camera bursting with images
an imagination full to the brim & filled with joy
to be back in the peace & quiet & beauty of home
x x x
I have uploaded more Marrakesh images here
if you want a peep and read a little more.

January 12, 2011

Happy New Year . . .

The snow has thawed & greenery is peeping through
as, at last i step out into the world again
after chritsmassy hibernations.
My thoughts half filled with delicious memories
cosy fires, candles & candy canes,
pantomine laughter, presents galore.
Precious family times indeed.
I step excitedly back into my dusty studio.
A world of inspiration awaits me here.
Books to be read, threads to be stitched
collected treasures waiting to be drawn. A backward glance at the old year now past
and a while to reflect on ups & downs
Blessings to be thankful for & lessons to be learnt.
Then i turn my head and its foward i go
a list of to do's as long as my arm.
To spend more days painting & sketching
is there at the very topmost!
Last year was so filled with "other" things.
Now, old Sketchbooks full of odd scribblings
patiently wait & new projects jostle in line.
So excited, my etsy shop is just about finished!
I shall let you know as soon as.
* * *
I do so hope everyone had wonderful christmasses
and i am sending wishes for a bestest of New Years
x x x