December 24, 2010

December 21, 2010

light & dark . . .

Such a frost coated winter solstice.
From today onwards . . .
slowly & surely
the daylight will creep back into our homes the dark will draw back to hide under its covers till next time
the beginning & the endings

December 08, 2010

red & gold & white . . .

in amongst all the sparkling loveliness of the snow & ice
i have been snuggled in my studio
i have been mixing deep & glowing colours
to keep me warmer still,
christmas stars in velvety skies
christmassy trees, full of heartfelt messages
and christmas dancing angels, to bring smiles of joy
i have also been amending disasters, this last month
my red & unruly hair seems to be a thing
hairdressers have never been able to tame,
by cut or colour, as you see below, sighs
at last i am relenting & returning to my natural untamed state
(top right & bottom left, is where i'm at just now)
do other redheads have the same problem i wonder?
At the end of each beautiful day
wonderful frosty sunsets send me indoors with
a smile on my face
x x x