August 14, 2010

two years old . . .

5 precious things. . .
smelling the scent of flowers
as i wander round the garden
listening to the buzz of tiny wings
as i sit still amongst the grass
tasting the salt in the sea air
as i collect treasures on the shore
seeing the beautiful unspoilt countryside
i am so lucky to live amongst
feeling full of happiness today as i
celebrate blogs 2nd birthday
x x x
thank you, all you lovely followers
for you fill my heart with joy
x x x

August 01, 2010

the red den studio at last . . .

for hours & days & weeks
my fingers have been a making
picking flowers to dry to make my faerie cards
moulding clay to bring to life figures in my paintings
collecting driftwood to sculpt mobiles & tiny boats
and why have my fingers been so busy. . .
for this our red-den family project,
that got put on hold for a wee while when
fate stepped in & took me off on different paths.
but at last (oh so exciting) this weekend it finally happened
our "Red den Studio" had its opening
* * *
for lots more to see do take a wander over here
or drop by, have a cup of tea & say hello,
it would be lovely to meet you!
* * *
very soon my creations will also be sitting in my wee etsy shop
i shall tell of it here as soon as they are
x x x