October 04, 2012

A magical silver hare . . .

If you have been readers of my blog for a wee while
you may recall how much of a fan I am of the book "Masquerade"
and the sumptuous golden hare created by artist Kit William
(you can read all about the book & artist on the original post here
 Well, can you possibly imagine my delight & amazement
when I discovered this birthday present (below) awaiting me
from my lovely eldest lass Hannah and her partner Daniel.
My very own stunning silver version of that magical hare,
so beautiful, such attention to detail, even the tiny bells ring!
 Oh, they know me so well, my precious family!
 Dear Dan had spent many long hours here & there
secretly hand crafting every piece of this treasure.
I really am quite simply lost for words!
Dan is hoping to do more silver smithing Im glad to say!

October 01, 2012

A faerie birthday party . . .

Last week I had an extra special, most magical treat
for not only was it my birthday but unbeknown to me
my amazing family had secretly been planning a surprise.
The most perfect woodland faerie party, oh they know me so well!
 When I arrived home so unsuspecting I found a troop of
fabulous faeries with delicate wings & intricate makeup,
several long eared wizardy folk and a little cheeky elf.
 Marquees had appeared in our garden & garlands of twinkly lights,
  pretty paper butterflies & paper streamers hung with tiny stars
old gnarly logs lit with candles & dotted with sea shells galore, 
 Ivy was twined everywhere even around the throne they made for me
and I was given a faerie crown, a wand & my own butterfly wings!
& 2 cakes! A chocolate one with 50 star & faerie candles and
 a sponge one with fae folk & woodland things painted all around.

As evening fell on this perfect & sunshiny blue sky day,
by lantern, candle & moonlight we had a delicious feast & barbeque
I was surprised and bought to tears again and again
as my dearest friends & family kept arriving to share the evening.
And then finally, as if by magic and specially ordered so my Sister says,
a huge most incredible meteor sparkled right over head.
A magical & perfect day planned to mark my big 50th birthday!
( I number i was so pleased to celebrate as life just keeps getting lovelier )
I just had to share as I'm so amazed at all the hard work and imagination
my precious family put into making my day one I will never forget.