May 31, 2009

love, laughter & happiness . . .

just a puff of time since this same day last year
time filled with love & laughter & learning
back then, the opening of a new chapter in my heart
a chapter written of giving & growing
one year gently unfolding its days
days of findings & feelings & forevers
those 365 days, worth waiting a life time for . .
. . . so i am off to enjoy every minute of this special day of days
our very 1st wedding anniversary
back very soon for some catching up
x x x

May 21, 2009

isle of skye treasures . . .

i promised more skye treasure, so here are some of our best bits
* * *
clambering down to Flodiggary bay & finding spirals of ancient amonites

fossils at flodiggary baycoming across a tiny township of thatched crofts
taking a fascinating peep into the old ways of island life
going for a long shore walk & finding this wonderful coral beach with its tiny, delicate treasuresbut for our absolutely most treasured discovery
tucking ourselves into a tiny boat at Dunvegan castle
and then with bated breath, having a dream come true . . . so close i could have reached out & touched them
beautiful seals, stretching lazily in the morning sunshine
* * *
can you tell i have fallen in love with this breathtaking island
and to think i so nearly didnt go, too much to do i said!
how glad am i that mr o persuaded me to come along on his trip
( he was playing at the islands rscds's annual gathering )
* * *
ps: lots of my skye images here if you would like more!

isle of skye magic . . .

we are home safe & sound from our travels. . .
wonderful images & brilliant colours burning in my memory
* * *
. . . i was so unaware of the delicious treasures that awaited as
we two travellers set out on just the most perfect morning
passing ever more beautiful scenery, we travelled northward
stopping a while by loch lomond with its monster hidden deep
and there we were, sailing over the sea to skye & i remembered
grandma singing us the skyeboat song all those many years ago such breathtaking scenery everywhere we turned the giant cuillin mountains (can you see the tiny cottage!) and magical, picture perfect peaceful bays
* * *
... i know, enough already. . . . i shall stop for now, but tomorrow. . .
i shall show you precious treasures we found!!!!

May 12, 2009

missing hedgehogs & honeybees . . .

daisy by ruthiei woke as fresh as a daisy this morn filled with excitement
for my mr o & i are off on such a week of adventure tomorrow
this was going to be a sunshiny, happy kind of post . . .
about golden things . . . . . gorse or whin bushes by ruthie

like the deliciously scented gorse or whin bushes as they are locally known
that fill the hillsides here, as far as the eye can see with such vibrant colour
busy bumble bees by ruthie taken 2008
but as i sat with a cup of tea in the garden, there was an extra quietness in the air
& slowly my thoughts came to settle on the sorry plight of our busy little bees. . . hedgehog illustration by valerie greeley
later i discovered another sad tale over at acornmoon
of missing hedgehogs & a future without these wee snuffling characters
. . . i am off to join this
hedgehog society
sunset over the hills at mutehill by ruthie as the sun silently slides behind the hills at the end of this day,
there are many things to ponder . . .
* * *
the beautiful hedgehog illustration above used with kindly
permission by illustrator & textile designer valerie at acornmoon
(see you when we return, have a wonderful week wherever you may be x)

May 09, 2009

the willow tree, enchantment & mystery . . .

my thoughts have been full of all things willow
whilst i finished my may day painting . . .
the celtic tree calendar for which willow represents the fifth month
as the tree of enchantment & moon magic
remembering that in celtic lore the willow's stone is moonstone
i love my moonstone & the colour that shimmers in the light
reminded of my lovely, talented friend Ray
who collects old pieces of willow pattern wanting to watch again the fantasy film"willow"
one of my old favouritesloving the humour & mischief in this
wonderful adaptation of the "wind in the willows "
* * *
such a huge thank you to all those comments & suggestions for my shoulder!!
great news -finally after 3yrs, lots of physio, injections etc i am a step closer - CAT scan coming up
if that doesn't work - it seems like acupuncture is the next step!
have a grand weekend all x x

May 05, 2009

a world of detail

. . . macro lens at the readytaking in tiny details my eye would otherwise miss
with great anticipation i wait . . .
to discover a secret world of wonders
appearing on my screen
i love the way the camera allows me to discover the world
* * *
i try to keep my blog space a happy corner - but today i am a grumpy me (sorry)
for tomorrow i am off for another injection into my shoulder (gulp)
tis beginning to wear me down a wee bit, this arm o mine not working so well as it should
it would be my painting/blogging arm too & its slowing me down (grumble)
nobody seems so very able to pinpoint the problem (sigh)
it might be a trapped nerve, or a pulled tendon, or wear & tear or that i have long ligaments??
the most annoying thing....that i have to ask for help lifting & opening things
any suggested cures would be most gratefully received!