April 29, 2009

sculpting & sewing & sketching

a butterfly finally finisheda watercolour painting of a buckeye butterfly by ruthie
collecting shells from the shorea watercolour of a pelicans foot sea shell by ruthie
carving wee heads in clay (very 1st try!!)1st try at making a clay head
recycling a mr o shirt into my studio apron
recycled mans shirt into an apronlearning to let go & doodle
sketch book doodles - journal saying big thank you's to julie
for a mention on her blog!!

April 23, 2009

magical glentrool forest

we were wandering through peaceful, shady forest
woodland walk at glentrool forest
whispering, lest we disturb creatures there
faerie doors in the forestwee faerie creatures hidden in secret places
a beady eyed robinbeady eyed creatures keeping watch
peacock butterflysumptuous creatures basking colours in warm sunshine
till the sun began to sink behind velvet hills
time to leave this magical place .....until next time
* * *

April 17, 2009

where the wild things are . . .

this book i love
& now . . . look what is in store . . . a film of the tale
. . . . i cannot wait to seeu can peek at a little of it here

April 14, 2009

thank you. . .

a wonderful easter weekendchristmas rose in the garden at craigiebrae inspired by natures colours
mushroom in detailher shapesdetail of branch
her detailssunset at mutehill, kirkcudbright, scotland her magnificent sunsets
painting butterflies in my studioi have been happily painting butterflies

i had such wonderful comments left on my angel blogpost & some very precious things shared, thank you all from the bottom of my heart. i was so very unsure about blogging when i started, yet through the process, i have learnt so much & met so very many wonderful folk. for me personally it has been quite a journey of self discovery, something i really never expected when i set out. i so wish you could all be winners of my angel, but there is only one. . .
* * *
a very lovely lady i met not so very long ago called Julie,
she has a fascinating blog the celtic lady full of so much interesting information.

April 10, 2009

Bruno Torfs, heartbreak & hope

these are some of the wonderful sculptures by artist bruno torfs

more of his amazing work here

"Hidden amongst the lush rain forests North East of Melbourne, Victoria, is the rare jewel that is Bruno's art and sculpture garden..........
........ until that is, the bushfire that swept through the township on 7th Feb 09,
Bruno & his family survived. sadly many of his friends & neighbours were lost.
Bruno's home & his art gallery were completely destroyed by the fires.
such a heartbreaking tale, yet with amazing courage & hope
he and his family begin to rebuild what they lost
here you can read & follow their story.

April 06, 2009

precious things giveaway . . .

today i am celebrating my 100th blog post and
the launch of my new blog a faerietale of inspiration (see post below)
* * *
as a huge big thank you to all who have visited & inspired & left lovely words
i have painted a guardian angel to send out to some wee corner of the world
* * *
if you have a wee corner and you would like her to come to you
just drop in, say hello & perhaps you will share one or two of your own precious things

next tuesday my angel will tiptoe back to discover if we have found her a new home
she will have 5 other precious things to take with her when she leaves !!
ps she is not quite finished yet (20cm x 30cm)!!!

April 05, 2009

a new tale . . .

i come across so many beautiful creations from artists near & far
whilst spending long moments researching for my work on the web
i have thought & thought & finally i decided - it really seems only fair
to share all that found loveliness, therefore i have created a quiet place
not so very far away where you can linger & gaze on those precious findings
i hope you enjoy them half as much as i. . . .
* * *
the quiet place. . . my other blog a-faerietale-of-inspiration
* * *
please feel free to take a peek & tell me your thoughts - they will be most welcome x

April 01, 2009

tudor times & chester

our travels took us further into the beautiful old city such detail, everywhere

black & white & beautifully tudor

and further still, around the ancient city walls our feet were aching at the end of the day
but our imagination was stirred
the city of chester