December 24, 2010

December 21, 2010

light & dark . . .

Such a frost coated winter solstice.
From today onwards . . .
slowly & surely
the daylight will creep back into our homes the dark will draw back to hide under its covers till next time
the beginning & the endings

December 08, 2010

red & gold & white . . .

in amongst all the sparkling loveliness of the snow & ice
i have been snuggled in my studio
i have been mixing deep & glowing colours
to keep me warmer still,
christmas stars in velvety skies
christmassy trees, full of heartfelt messages
and christmas dancing angels, to bring smiles of joy
i have also been amending disasters, this last month
my red & unruly hair seems to be a thing
hairdressers have never been able to tame,
by cut or colour, as you see below, sighs
at last i am relenting & returning to my natural untamed state
(top right & bottom left, is where i'm at just now)
do other redheads have the same problem i wonder?
At the end of each beautiful day
wonderful frosty sunsets send me indoors with
a smile on my face
x x x

November 09, 2010

Palaces & Peacocks . . .

Time out was so very long overdue
but at last we found ourselves travelling
North to Perth, the fair city, ready to explore. The beautiful sandstone "Scone Palace"
(pronounced sku'n ) was saved until last.
The crowning place of many ancient Scottish kings
amongst them, Macbeth & later Robert the Bruce in 1306
We stood & imagined the echoes of ancient voices at moot hill
as the kings sat upon the Stone of Scone
to receive their crowns. We strolled under the Autumn sun glittered on lawns
where once stood the village of Scone. Sadly landscaping in 1802
meant moving the whole village 2 miles away! The only reminders
now are the Mercat cross & mossy stones in the ancient graveyard.
We wandered amongst gardens discovering albino peacocks
stopped in at the coffee shop for warm drinks
& then tried to lose ourselves in the beech maze.
All in all a wonderfully relaxing weekend away.
Time out for Mr O & i, from all the other things
we find ourselves being from day to day.
x x x

October 25, 2010

Am foghar . . .

the crimson & gold hued treasures of Autumn
have slowly seeped into my very bones
and out through my pencils & brushes
"am foghar" my gaelic "autumn"
piece is begun, at last!
Thoughts of crisp woodland meanderings
and the wee creatures hidden there.
I am wanting to capture their wildness
in my drawings & tiny (unfinished) sculptures
It is nearly over, where do the hours disappear to?
We are safely snuggled into our wee house
as the dark draws round us,
finding plenty to keep our fingers busy
& with a whole heap of faerie stories to read.
My mr o is a travelling the highlands on & off
making the hours we share ever more precious.
Very soon i am off on an adventure with my girls
to the far flung corners of Marrakesh!!
So excited, my dreams are filled with
Arabian nights, dusky souks
story tellers, dancers & musicians
i can hardly wait!!
I wonder what keeps you occupied
on these drawing in so swiftly
velvety evenings?
x x x

September 14, 2010

hibernation & hunting . . .

It's been so long since i was here last
and oh how I have missed you all!
But I have felt such a need, these past weeks
just to sit quietly, to listen & to watch.
My precious inspiration went into hibernation.
It was i think, waiting for the dust of hectic summer
to settle back into place, before peeping out again!
Whilst the sun was still high in the bright blue sky,
we went a-hunting for my inspiration.
Along the way discovering such heart lifting delights as
ancient Celtic carvings at Tullie House,
hilltop carvings at Dalbeattie &Kirroughtree,
we hiking over the patchwork, heather strew hills,
hunting & found these glorious scottish landscapes
that stretched as far as our eyes could see,
one season has rolled into the next, now it is begun
the wonderful dusky change of hues that is,
my absolute favourite of them all, Autumn.
I am at last, feeling refreshed & full of ideas again
i have found my old, dear friend, my inspiration!
So i am away to pick up my dusty paintbrushes
but just before i go
i just have to share the utmost highlight of my days.
The picture above shows just a few of the delights
i discovered at the wonderful & delicious exhibition
my precious Mr O took me to see
( i wish you could have come too!)
"The truth about faeries"

oh my, i have so much catching up to do with you all !
x x x

August 14, 2010

two years old . . .

5 precious things. . .
smelling the scent of flowers
as i wander round the garden
listening to the buzz of tiny wings
as i sit still amongst the grass
tasting the salt in the sea air
as i collect treasures on the shore
seeing the beautiful unspoilt countryside
i am so lucky to live amongst
feeling full of happiness today as i
celebrate blogs 2nd birthday
x x x
thank you, all you lovely followers
for you fill my heart with joy
x x x

August 01, 2010

the red den studio at last . . .

for hours & days & weeks
my fingers have been a making
picking flowers to dry to make my faerie cards
moulding clay to bring to life figures in my paintings
collecting driftwood to sculpt mobiles & tiny boats
and why have my fingers been so busy. . .
for this our red-den family project,
that got put on hold for a wee while when
fate stepped in & took me off on different paths.
but at last (oh so exciting) this weekend it finally happened
our "Red den Studio" had its opening
* * *
for lots more to see do take a wander over here
or drop by, have a cup of tea & say hello,
it would be lovely to meet you!
* * *
very soon my creations will also be sitting in my wee etsy shop
i shall tell of it here as soon as they are
x x x

July 23, 2010

at last a website . . .

oh the days, weeks & months it has taken me, it has been an idea buzzing about in my head
for much longer than i care to remember. But its now out there, I have  taken the plunge and I finally have a web site
* * *

July 19, 2010

summery things . . .

summery holidays (even without very much sun)
* mean lots of catching up with friends & family painting a picture of my own for a local gallery competition
visiting the glasgow girls exhibition
and discovering such detailed works by annie french

a trip to edinburgh, & the national gallery of scotland
to sigh over saint bride by scottish artist john duncan
trying my hand at some stone art on an evening beachy stroll
and attempting some driftwood hearts
i have so many things i want to share
but they shall have to wait till next time
i do hope you are enjoying these summer days x

July 08, 2010

a walk around britain . . .

a tale of two men,
ed & will, who travel on foot
live outside & sing for their supper
walking & singing their way
around the british isles ,discovering
the land, the people & their traditions
do visit to read their story
a walk around britain * * *
listen to their singing here & see their cd too

June 14, 2010

sea pinks and cotton grass . . .

wandering the countryside here
there are always treasures to discover
down on the shore,
tiny sea pinks & the brightest of lichens
decorating aged rocks
in a hillside field
an old empty cottage is tucked
the stories those walls could tell
up in the galloway hills
the softest carpets of cotton grass
nodding their sleepy heads
and when we stop for a moment
amid patches of daisies
we find, packed by my lovely mom
scones, filled with homemade jam to munch on
whilst we sit and admire the views
perfect weekend lazy days
x x x
(our poor old monitor is on its last legs
so i do hope the photos are ok!
to be remedied as soon as )

June 06, 2010

mad hatter madness & an anniversary . . .

my love of quirkiness was instantly attracted
to the mad hatter inspired theme
of this wedding shoot
* * *
especially as mr o & i
just celebrated another
precious year together
x x x

June 03, 2010

inside . . .

with all our tootling about & moving & such
i haven't painted for oh so long
my fingers have been itching!
but i was busy making . . .bathroom curtains & beady tiebacks
( made using some old christmas baubles)
to happily hang
bringing back to life old neglected chairs
above one for my own wee studio (rescued from the skip)
and several (6) for our family room
(how my hands ached after all the sanding & painting!)
and sewing stripey cushions and table cloth
to finish off the table we rescued too
I painted the table legs white to match the chairs.
i love making & bringing things back to life
but now its time. . .
i have new windows to peep out of
and a work space waiting for me to!
have a wonderful weekend all x x