September 08, 2008

The decision . . .

I am feeling ever so slightly overwhelmed today. First there were notions & fancies, then day dreams & ponderings, followed by heaps of mulling over & ruminations and then, then, there we were, suddenly, at yesterday. Today was the day of "The Decision" !

The sums are done, the weighing up is over. I am about to embark on the newest part of my adventure. One month away from becoming my very own boss! Oh my, that sounds scary & exciting, and huge!!

I think it will take a good while for this to sink in. On Monday i am handing in my notice. No more long drives, glaring computer screens, coming home too exhausted to do much more than eat & sleep. I am going to have time & energy to do my stuff! 

 Mr O is here, right beside me, step by step, all the way. He asked me my main reason for doing this?" I thought for a minute, then it came as clear as day, "because this is what i am", a "creative type", one of those mysterious creatures who won't be truly happy unless there is a brush or pencil, in her hand, letting it all flow out.

I drew my faces illustration over there, when one day i was thinking of all the different parts we play in our own lives and the lives of others. All making up our one whole self. My self is mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt. It is home-maker, seamstress, writer, cook, gardener. It is soon to be self-employed artist & illustrator - hopeful ETSY shop owner, gallery exhibitor & creator of many things. It sounds so yummy & I can't wait!


  1. it's coming about Ruthie, best of everything and I was thinking about what happened to me when I decided to stop doing my Masters at the beginning of this year and concentrate on building the studio. I was mentally exhausted and it took quite a few months of kind of resting and being kind to myself to adjust to having the time to think the way I wanted to. To find a way to live that was creative for me......interesting thinking back to that now.

    So best of everything and I look forward to reading how it going for you

  2. Anonymous10/9/08 22:09

    Hi again Ruthie, thankyou once again for your kind words. To answer your question these paintings are all part of my first exhibition 'From Skiddaw to Criffel', down at the Gincase gallery in cumbria. All the work is for sale so yes, am trying to make a living from it and currently looking for galleries around Dumfrieshire and further afield that would possibly show my work. Any input would be greatly appreciated and if youre interested in any of the paintings in particular just let me know.

    Now for fear of sounding like I'm giving my work the hard sell I shall say thanks again,
    cheers for now,

  3. Congrats, and best wishes on your new adventure(s)! It is an adjustment, but can be very fulfilling. (and that's an ideal way to illustrate this concept :-)

  4. I'm excited for you!
    It sounds like you really need this and for your other half to be so supportive is very heartening!
    Good luck with your new adventure!

  5. Here is a favorite quote that inspired my transformation.

    "There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
    - Anais Nin

    You are so talented and lovely and blessed! All good things will now come your way...

  6. you are indeed fortunate to have so much support at this momentous time!


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