December 23, 2009

decembers treats . . .

how wonderful, waking to sparkling snow
the perfect start to our christmas week
a peaceful, stillness settled all around
away from the hustle & bustle
this beautiful countryside
unspoilt and wild
and on closer inspection
tiny forests of frost
and tinkling decoration of icicles
dancing over the rushing streams
for the first time ever i am all ready, "early" for christmas!
as the evening falls, and we settle down in our wee house
for days filled with precious family time
i wish you all a very wonderful, smile filled christmas
x x x

December 05, 2009

velvet evenings & the magic begins . . .

in the countryside, quiet evenings
of the last month of this old year with the velvet of night time tucked around me
like a cosy & familiar blanket
my thoughts ran to the magic of christmas and i pondered times past, present & future
the giving & the sharing & the meaning. . .
those thoughts stirred others in my mind
i set about making (the 1st time since too long ago).
i have unburied my boxes of treasures
& began beading berry red hearts
and wondering what gifts i could make
with my bundles of richly coloured ribbons
i have brushing glittering gold
onto my christmas card designs
* * *
such enjoyment in the stitching & painting
and making things to give, with love.
and for me, its part of the magic of christmas
x x x