June 28, 2009

the sea was calling . . .

the sea was calling, singing its soothing songthe doon beach kirkcudbright
we picked up our feet & made for the shore
an early morning walk in a puff of cool air
we spied the promise of autumn blackberries
tiny faerie petals nodding in the breeze
delicate wild roses sweet scented
returning home with calmness restored
inspired by nature to do more designs

June 22, 2009

fairie-ality and more

this book was a present from a very dear friend
she knows me oh so very well
for i loved it at once
with its tiny, delicate costumes
delicious layout & illustrations
sumptuous colours & use of all things faerieish
bringing back memories of a long ago time
designing my own children's fancy dress clothes
take a peep here faerie-ality to gasp again in delight
at the wonderful work of david ellwand,
then look forward in anticipation to the soon to be released
fairieality style book
i cannot wait to see. . .

June 19, 2009

paths & paintings . . .

the "red-den" opening is creeping closer . . .
there has been much list making, sorting outtidying up & finishing off in moms beautiful garden
(for it is at moms that our open studio is to be) laying scrunchy gravel paths
that wind around the house building wide sloping steps
that lead to flower beds so lovingly made
then it has been home to finish off my fathers day owl
more painting & framing of prints & endless cups of tea
i think a wee whirlwind has passed through my own studio!
of course, we did find time for a family bbq
strawberries & cream & catching up with friends

June 11, 2009

time out, treasure & t-pots

another week passed in a bit of a blur
with studio preperations, working, etc, etc . . . tulip sketch by ruthie the only artwork making an appearance was
the odd journal scribble & frustration was setting in . . . precious pebble photo by ruthie precious time out was required . . .
time out hunting charity shops for treasure. what did i find . . .ocra vase apple blossom made 1989a delicate "ocra" vase tucked in a corner, just waiting to be found papier mache box
a worn old papier mache, hand painted pencil? box, both under £5!hand painted t-pots
my lovely lass & partner are up for a visit this week
and it was "time out" again to Dalton pottery to paint t-pots !!
* * *

thank you's for awards to my blog recently received go to
simoart - a blog by a wonderful mum about her creative son & his autism
joanne may - beautiful faerietale illustrations so full of detail
kimberly - who has an eye for delicate design in her work
* * *
now its back to work, until the next time x x x

June 02, 2009

old friends & new ventures . .

last week was an oh so busy week
full of the most precious surprises
after 12 years, an emotionally wonderful visit
from a long lost, dear to my heart friend
lots of teary eyed catching up
discovering old memories we shared
forgotten similar tastes, & new passions . . .
for deliciously, stuffed to the ceiling old bookshops
for quiet evening strolls along the gold tinted shore
finding unexpected carefully hidden lapwings treasure
. . . later, sad goodbyes & heart felt promises to keep in touch
then, daughters lovingly packed anniversary celebrating picnic
shared by clear water lochs, with our nearest & dearest
and a new venture begun . . .
with my very own oh so talented mom (see here!)
a family open studio, 3 generations "the red-den"
for "redden" is our family name
opening date (hopefully) the beginning of july!!!
the countdown begins
i think i may be rather distracted for a wee whileX X X
thank you so for all those wonderful anniversary congrats
i have missed visiting all my most favourite blog places!!