September 30, 2009

roman baths & treasure . . .

a wonderful time we had last week
a week that began with my birthday
& ended with adventures in beautiful Bath & beyond roman mosaic at roman baths in bath
discovering the wonderful roman baths
& roman mosaic with a celtic touchcarved stone recovered from the old drains in the roman baths at bath
minute carved stones fallen from the rings of bathers of old
unearthed from ancient drains - the storied they could tellcarved gorgons head from the roman baths in batha gorgons head, once head aloft on a pediment high
the sun rays perhaps symbolising the heat of the sacred springsthree celtic mother godesses found near baththree celtic mother goddesses wearing their pleated skirts
the warm waters of the roman baths in baththe sun shone & the skies were so blue
as we ended our first day of exploring
tomorrow i shall show you more . . .
(here for more bath pics)

September 22, 2009

fauns & faerie folks. . .

as i went a wandering back over my posts
i glimpsed a distinct lack of my showing
very much at all of the things i have been doingmy patterned trees
sketched faerie folks
and costumes,
doodled faunsand back to trees again
as i try to find my feet & develop a style i like
so i thought i might leave you these
whilst i am away a wee while
visiting & exploring & re-charging
will be back very soon
x x x

giant animation

wonderful "giant" animation
and for something i so believe in
green energy

September 20, 2009

inspired by. . . nature

the pattern of a delicate fernthe form of a single featherthe colours on a weathered old gatethe symmetry of thistledown
the contrasts beetween manmade & natural

* * *
these things i am inspired by
as they catch my eye when i am awandering

September 11, 2009

september sunset evenings . . .

taking time out to
make the absolute most
of these golden hued
silky september evenings
with the sun sinking swiftly
into gilded seas
leaving tinted clouds
in painted skies
for the nights are creeping softly in
the hours are ticking by
and its time to head steadily homeward
sooner & sooner as each day passes
* * *
carrick shore, near kirkcudbright

September 08, 2009

the ice bear project

on 11th December in Trafalgar Square, london
a life-sized polar bear will be carved from ice
"As each Ice Bear melts it will leave a skeleton. . .
. . . . and a powerful environmental message"
folks will be able to reach out and touch
an "inspirational and iconic symbol of the Arctic. "
sculptor Mark Coreth saw the effects of climate change
on his travels to Baffin Island Nov 07 and so the
* * *
bears will be sculpted in other cities worldwide
using art to bring home a message
the fragility of our enviroment
* * *
info 1st found on the blog of someone
who's work i greatly admire