December 23, 2009

decembers treats . . .

how wonderful, waking to sparkling snow
the perfect start to our christmas week
a peaceful, stillness settled all around
away from the hustle & bustle
this beautiful countryside
unspoilt and wild
and on closer inspection
tiny forests of frost
and tinkling decoration of icicles
dancing over the rushing streams
for the first time ever i am all ready, "early" for christmas!
as the evening falls, and we settle down in our wee house
for days filled with precious family time
i wish you all a very wonderful, smile filled christmas
x x x

December 05, 2009

velvet evenings & the magic begins . . .

in the countryside, quiet evenings
of the last month of this old year with the velvet of night time tucked around me
like a cosy & familiar blanket
my thoughts ran to the magic of christmas and i pondered times past, present & future
the giving & the sharing & the meaning. . .
those thoughts stirred others in my mind
i set about making (the 1st time since too long ago).
i have unburied my boxes of treasures
& began beading berry red hearts
and wondering what gifts i could make
with my bundles of richly coloured ribbons
i have brushing glittering gold
onto my christmas card designs
* * *
such enjoyment in the stitching & painting
and making things to give, with love.
and for me, its part of the magic of christmas
x x x

November 23, 2009

robert kirk . . . elves, faeries & fauns

a trailer for the intriguing, award winning, scottish film "kirk"

about a 17th century reverend, robert kirk, who believed in faeries
the film was produced by 17yr old michael ferns

November 17, 2009

where the wild things grow . . .

a world of tiny wonders . . .

(a faerie pup, or a giant mushroom? )
* * *
i am loving our wrapped up, breezy strolls
through woody places, over grassy meadows
watching as autum paints the world with burnished hues
* * *

November 09, 2009

fidelma massey . . . treasures

every once in a wee while my eye catches a glimpse
of treasures that make me catch my breath
dancing eve by fidelma massey
and i did gasp when i saw the wonderful sculptures
by irish artist fidelma massey
creatures from her imagination
and yet they have a familiar feel to them
steeped in mythology & otherworldliness
they speak of times long past
or of wonders hidden just beyond our world
her site is so very worth a visit
many more treasure to behold

October 28, 2009

stolen time & the tale of a stolen child . . .

two weeks have disappeared in a blurry eyed haze
whilst i have mostly slept & dreamt the strangest of dreams
for the oddest of bugs knocked me right off my feet,
leaving me feeling as giddy as a . . .goat??
a wonderful excuse (whilst recovering) to catch up on reading
to doze & doodle & drink endless cups of tea

i discovered this hauntingly beautiful book, the stolen child
an ethereal tale of changelings hidden deep in the woods.
i was reminded of the beautiful poem by william yeats
& of course one of my most favourite & wonderful songs
of the same name by loreena mckennitt
a sweet surprise parcel arrived on my doorstep too
from a dear blog friend, jasmine of natures whispers
it brought such a smile to my face for in it were
this delicate felted tree made from natural fibres & dyes
& a bundle of other thoughtful lovelies,
a knot work purse, heather & shells & all sorts
do visit her blog for a peep at some of her beautiful work
* * *
oh my, its so good to be back
x x x

October 13, 2009

shetland and back . . .

home again from the far off shores of shetland
from days filled with music & wonderful hospitality
Mr O playing with irish fiddler manus mcguire
my oh so talented lovely sister -in -law marie fielding
days filled with wonderful scenery
wide open skies & regal seas
peat filled valleys & ruin strewn hills
with wee sturdy shetland ponies
and curious seals watching from afar
with centuries of history to discover,
from iron age brochs to ancient crofts
pictish carved runes to viking buried treasures
we stayed with the sweetest lady, Harriett
who shared her home & her deep love of the island & made our stay a joy.
* * *
travelling here & there these past few weeks, such things i have seen & heard
but i have missed our wee home & cosying in front of the fire
my fingers are itching to get back to the studio
* * *see more of my shetland photos here
& others shetland photos
here to visit the shetland museum

October 07, 2009

a christmas carol . . .

it is a little early to be thinking christmasy thoughts i know
but this is something i am so looking forward to . . .
a favourite tale of old . . . .the new "christmas carol"
animated movie by disney, and i had to tell someone ...
due for release in november

magical faerie wedding

deep in the forest tricia fountaine
weaves her magical spell
with costumes & flowers & love
for a peep at this fantasy faerie wedding
tiptoe over for a visit to
or see more stunning work
of event organiser tricia at

October 04, 2009

costume & medieval magic . . .

we couldn't leave bath without a visit to
to soak up the details of oldcostume at bath fashion museum
and stumbled upon another unplanned treat ...
an exhibition of designs by "bill gibb"
whose work i have long admired, simply stunningbill gibb exhibition at bath fashion museum
later we found the 13th century st marys church in berkeley
with medieval wall paintings that would once have glowedst mary's church berkeley medieval wall painting
and jeweled colours in its stained glass
painted bright by the sun's raysst marys church berkeley stained glass
and there just outside
the resting place of the very last jester in englandlast jester in england grave at st marys berkeley a trove of treasures we unearthed on our travels
complete with a visit to see my eldestall in all we had a wonderful time away
* * *
now its nose down to finish two commissioned pieces
until next time x x
* * *
more beautiful images of st mary's here

October 01, 2009

a celebration of creation . . sue symons

we couldn't visit bath & not the abbey
a stunning sight, with ceiling to giddily gaze at
but such an extra treat waited around a cornera mouth watering exhibition of works by sue symons60 glorious illuminated pages, her new book
"a celebration of creation"
hours & hours (7000 in fact) of detailed loveliness
embroidered borders & painting pages

intricate designs & sumptuous colours
beautifully celtic inspirations

depicting plants, animals, insects and
"the beauty and wonder of creation"
each page telling such tales, i could gaze for hours!
to purchase a book of these works
or learn more about sue see here* * *to see many more wonderful images of sue's work
see here on denise's blog and here for
"The Bath Abbey Diptychs"

September 30, 2009

roman baths & treasure . . .

a wonderful time we had last week
a week that began with my birthday
& ended with adventures in beautiful Bath & beyond roman mosaic at roman baths in bath
discovering the wonderful roman baths
& roman mosaic with a celtic touchcarved stone recovered from the old drains in the roman baths at bath
minute carved stones fallen from the rings of bathers of old
unearthed from ancient drains - the storied they could tellcarved gorgons head from the roman baths in batha gorgons head, once head aloft on a pediment high
the sun rays perhaps symbolising the heat of the sacred springsthree celtic mother godesses found near baththree celtic mother goddesses wearing their pleated skirts
the warm waters of the roman baths in baththe sun shone & the skies were so blue
as we ended our first day of exploring
tomorrow i shall show you more . . .
(here for more bath pics)

September 22, 2009

fauns & faerie folks. . .

as i went a wandering back over my posts
i glimpsed a distinct lack of my showing
very much at all of the things i have been doingmy patterned trees
sketched faerie folks
and costumes,
doodled faunsand back to trees again
as i try to find my feet & develop a style i like
so i thought i might leave you these
whilst i am away a wee while
visiting & exploring & re-charging
will be back very soon
x x x