April 12, 2021

A Spring painting and re-connecting with creativity

 Spring is finally springing here in this beautiful corner of Galloway, Scotland and what a welcome relief it is. There are treasures peeping up in the garden and the hedgerows, sure signs that mother earth is waking up again, promises of new life and things to come.

In my previous post, way back in July last year, I mentioned changes I had made in my life and my move back to the garden studio, as I tried to re-connect with my creative self  in the hope that my inspiration for painting would finally reappear. I had no idea back then if I would ever feel like picking up my brushes again, it was a rather scary place to be. 

I can look back now over the last 3-4 years and remember some of the wonderful collaborations and projects I have been lucky enough to work on, but I also see I kept saying 'yes' to everything that came my way, and in the end the price for doing that was complete 'creative burn out', (I don't really like that saying, but can't think of anything else so fitting), and that awful feeling of being totally disconnected from all the things that inspired me in my work. 

So, Spring has a very special feel to it this year, for I feel I am waking up again too, coming back to myself and the things that inspire. I have spent my days immersed in the things I love doing, taking long walks and visiting old haunts (as much as we are allowed just now), reading treasured books, re-discovering my love of knitting, watching favourite movies, family history research, working in the garden and rekindling my joy of taking photographs.

Then for Valentines Day my lovely hubby (who has been so wonderful encouraging and supporting me every step of the way), brought me this scrumptious set of  Coliro Finetec Mica pearl and shimmer watercolour paints,  and suddenly I couldn't wait to get into the studio to try them.

So at long last I am seeing inspiration all around again and can feel the magic rising. My fingers are tingling to pick up my pencils and brushes, and my sketchbook which has sat dormant for many months, is beginning to find little creatures, Spring blossoms and gnarly trees scribbled on its pages again.

And this happened . . . 

 . . . the beginnings of the Spring painting to accompany the Summer and Autumn set! I will share progress in my next post, and hope to have her finished by then.

I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to be creating again, and feeling much more like my old self. I really hope I have learnt my lesson and will take time to listen to my heart when it tells me to pace myself and consider what it is I truly want/need to be doing.   

I wonder what do you do to re-connect, recharge, or even keep from taking on too much?