September 07, 2008

My secret wish . . .

I haven't told you yet about my secret wish,
the very thing i am quietly, creeping towards, have i?
* * *
It is almost as if, by whispering these words out loud,
i will let my dream escape & fly away.
But i am going to be brave, i shall tell you!
I dream of a day when, in the not so distant future,
i can give up my "day job" & move full time to a life filled
with making & painting, story telling & creating.
* * *
The world of my childhood, that i put down somewhere & lost
so very long ago, the world filled with
goodness, myth & legend, magical things & happy endings.
faeries & gypsies, fantastic creatures & shining knights,
dragons & mermaids, the world of my imagination.
* *
After 26 long years,
for that's how long ago it is since i last painted,
i hope i have the courage to take that step.
I want to paint & sketch & give life to my world again,
those scribbled characters above,
locked in my sketchbooks for too many years.
I think i should open the pages and let them out. . . ..
What is right for one soul may not be right for another.
It may mean having to stand on your own
and do something strange in the eyes of others.
But do not be daunted,
do whatever it is because you know within it is right for you.

It is such a goods feeling to be going home. . .


  1. Hi Ruthie, Great to read your comments and come and visit your blog.
    Yes, it is challenging and exciting doing our own thing. Sure seems to take heaps of courage, and definitely like coming home.

    Anne Michelle

  2. I really hope you do this...if it's something you feel strongly about and being creative is important!
    I sometimes take it for granted....because it's been a part of me for so long...
    Oh..and Hi from the Northern part of Scotland!


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