July 30, 2013

An exhibition at the Tolbooth & Faerie creations . . .

For the past while there has been a bit of a whirlwind a-happening in my wee studio.
These last few months have seen me scribbling & sketching, making & painting. 
 I have been carried along on a flow of creativity, desperate each day to get back to  my desk and
not enough hours in the day for all i want to do for the exhibition that is fast approaching!
Many moons ago  i learnt to pattern cut & sew and designed & made clothes for a living! Above, some of my designs from way back. My threads, fabrics & ribbons have long been gathering dust so I decided it was time to bring out my collected treasures & start again.  It has been such a long while since i did any sewing so you can imagine how excited I was when ideas began appearing in my sketchbook of faerie creatures & tiny costumes, bedecked with feathers & bells & shining things!
 I have had such fun making tiny heads & feet & hands, learning to make little dolly wigs. Stitching ribbon & beads, feathers & shells onto faerie costumes. Watching these wee creatures taking shape.
Now at last I am very happy to announce my latest creations ~ my "Galloway Faeries".
 Still in the final stages of finishing & adding & tweaking.
If they can be persuaded (for they are rather shy creatures) they will make an appearance at the upcoming Kirkcudbright Art & Crafts Trail 2013, now in its 10th year.

I am really rather excited about this event as my dear Mom & I are to be exhibiting here at the beautiful old 17thC Tolbooth art Centre, in Kirkcudbright, Dumfries & Galloway during the art trail. We are venue 27, upstairs on the top floor, in what was formerly the debtors prison!

Kirkcudbrigth Art & Craft trail website here
Dowloadable brochure here 
I made it into the brochure this year ~ thats my hand shown below painting "The Travellers".

As well as my faeries,  my paintings, sculptures, driftwood creations will be on show, and prints & cards. So do drop in to venue 27 upstairs at Tolbooth to say hello if your about.

formerly the debtor’s prison is now used as a gallery - See more at: http://www.museumsgalleriesscotland.org.uk/member/tolbooth-art-centre#sthash.LKHV5Ved.dpuf

July 18, 2013

a wee hoose on wheels project . .

I've ever loved the idea of a life trundling along on the open road,
 pulling up in the gloaming in a quiet spot to sit and eat supper whilst listening to hooting owls.
So with such excitement may I present our new wee project . . .
A wee hoose on wheels (top pics).
Our little caravan was a steal at £75, big thank u's to Mr B for that find! 
It was neglected and sad, but im going to turn it into a sumptuous bohemian get away 
(bottom pics = inspiration)
My aim to do it on the smallest budget possible, so its a make & mend & find project.
Perfect cause I do love a challenge, such exciting stuff!

July 04, 2013

Playing hide & seek with my muse . . .

My creative muse is a fae wee creature, she wont be hurried, she takes her time & tarries along.
 She is flighty & when my days are filled with otherness she often goes into hiding
To coax her out I have found the very best thing is to be still & quiet & spend time in mother nature.
The perfect solution presents itself on the rare balmy, beautiful days we have had here in SW Scotland.
Then I pile my sketchbooks & pencils into my basket, make myself a coffee & step outside to work,
to the accompaniment of the bees, the birds & the babbling brook. It often starts the flow again.
When a spark of an idea ignites I carry it with me like a precious jewel savouring the hows & the whys & the what if's.  
Yet there is part of me that  holds back from setting it free, for my paintings are the  essence of me,
they come from somewhere deep inside and each time I wonder can I make it, will it work, what if?
 A sly shove from my muse & I let that idea go then real work begins, as I try to capture it with my brush & pen.
 It has to be just right & so often causes me heartache when a painting goes awry.
I start a piece & often find I have to set it aside until the time is right to add finishings.
"The Travellers" above & below was one such piece & has taken me more days than I care to count.
Brought out & then tucked away again as I hummed & hawed this past year or so.
I wanted it to carry the essence of companionship, two travellers walking in the gloaming, a peaceful moment.
Now finally it is finished & I can breathe a sigh of relief & happiness.
"The Travellers" is now available as prints here at Mythweaver, my Etsy on-line store. 
The painting is dedicated to my dear Grandma Day who told us endless stories & sang to us as children.
It was she who sang to me the beautiful song "The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies"
 and it was this song that first roused my interest & led me on a path to discover
more about the fascinating folklore & song & the history of travelling folk of old.

The Wraggle Taggle gypsies performed by Eliza Carthy, Martin Carthy, Norman Waterson & co. Beautiful.
 Some loveliness to share from my garden too x

It is not always an easy thing to be creative and many stages must be passed through before a thing of beauty that fulfills the dream is born. There are ups & downs, highs & lows, but through it all is an unending yearing to give birth to the product of your imagination, in whichever form it takes

Thank you certain folks for prompted me to ponder my own creative process a little more. x