July 22, 2011

Kirkcudbright art & Crafts trail . . .

In the nearby town of  Kirkcudbrigh from Friday 29th July - Monday1st August
there is to be held the 8th annual Art & Crafts Trail. 
Started by two very dedicated ladies Pauline Saul and Vivien Dania 
 it is an event to show the works of many  local artists & makers.
( My "Carrick Mermaid" was chosen to grace the trails map. ) 
I am exited to say that this time next week both Mom & I
shall be sat amidst our paintings, prints, cards & crafty things
in the lovely space we have been allocated on the trail. . .

in the newly re-furbished, light & airy basement of
"Rhubarb",  run by Daughter & Mum, Carolynne & Brenda 
situated at 1a Castle Street, opposite McLellans castle.
*         *         * 
Do come along, it would be lovely to meet friends old & new alike. 
See here for trail info & here to see a sample of Moms paintings.

and finally, as promised, some of my inspiration from my travels in Turkey 
A glimpse inside my sketchbook, at my fondness for pattern & symmetry 
Above are the final designs, now printed up as cards.
I found so much more information for my work at this amazing site
Well, really i have far to much to be doing to be sitting here lol
so i shall off until next time, but before i disappear i must just tell you
a couple of weeks ago I took another big step on this my creative journey
I gave up my day job completely & am now a fully fledged, full time, self-employed artist!

July 18, 2011

folklore feature, film & museum

 Vogue has done a spot in its July issue on
British folklore,
with quirky photography by Tim Walker
using real folksies for the shoot
read more here . . .
(image by Tim Walker) 
A wonderful film due for release next year
the first of a series 
filmed just around the corner
in Whithorn is bringing
Scottish folklore to the big screen.
Cast members include
Margaret Bennet, regarded as Scotlands best folklorist,
Sheila Stewart, acclaimed storyteller and ballad singer. 
(Image from the Ruadhan the Bard site) 
and for another taste of the same
visit the ever growing
setup by set & costume designer
A fascinating & much needed project.

July 04, 2011

entranced & distracted . . .

 I have been entranced & distracted
by such visions still dancing in my head!
For i have whiled away days in a quiet corner of Turkey 
with my dearest mom, lovely sister & little nephew, 
discovering such days of rest, stillness & quiet.
The smell of sweet scented pines & the sound of chirping crickets  
the vibrant colours of the flowers & the warmth of the local folk.
So many lasting memories, so many extraordinary sights we saw.  
 The ghost town of Kayakoy left me wanting to know so much more,  
with its elegant, crumbling church & ruins of homes  
a reminder of the saddest of times not so long past.
( i read "birds without wings" soon after,
alternately laughing & weeping through this tragic tale)
At the ruins of Kaunos we walked the steps of ancient Romans,
and gazed on mighty rock-hewn tombs far above our heads . 
 The hours ticked so much more slowly, or so it seemed to us,
time to re-discover old favorites & unearth new ones.
 Slowing down & catching up. 
the biggest thank you to my precious sister for so many cherished moments
 for the wonderful time away that then allowed me to remember afresh 
why i love coming home to these greenest of Scottish hills 
x x x 
the results of these distractions i shall share very soon  . . .