I began this blog back in 2018 to record my creative journey ~ the discovering of my long lost creative self.  It is called “5 Precious things” because along the way, each & every day I would & still do find at least 5 beautiful things to be thankful for.
 My Journey so far ~
I was born into a creative family; a jumble of artists, potters, crafters & carpenters & was brought up surrounded with a love of art & music, the countryside, faerietales, folklore, poetry; i was forever drawing & sketching, collecting & making & of course, always hoping for a glimpse of those wee faerie folk. 

Then in 1993 a move to the beautiful wilds of Scotland changed my life forever, in so many ways.  I discovered I had lost my passion; my creative spark, so I set about hunting it down. I went back to college and did an HND in graphic design & illustration. I then found work  with a local company  hand painting designs on stone, and designing and making signage.

Over the following years, in spare moments I explored my artistic style, I re-discovered my passion for folklore, fell in love with Scottish & Celtic history.  I discovered a love of the secret language of symbology, and the power it has had through history to convey stories & information in folklore, myth & art.

I began to paint the things that spoke to my heart, the stories I love; stories of folklore & faerietales, myth & magic, the stories Mother Nature has to tell, the stories of our heritage.  At last I felt I had found my true creative self again and slowly but surely, a dream began to grow from that passion.   I wanted to become a full time self-employed artist producing work to keep these stories alive.  
In October 2008 I finally set about making my dream come true. I began researching & reading, planning & preparing.  I tentatively set up this blog to record my creative journey.  

Over the next three years my creativity grew. I designed and launched my Website and launched “Mythweaver” my on-line Etsy store, so called because I weave myths & magic into my paintings.   Then finally, in September 2011, I gave up the “day” job, took a deep breath and emersed myself into my creative journey fully!

It has been an intriguing and sometimes bumpy path, and often still is, but all the steps I have taken have led me to where I am today, working for myself, doing what I love, surrounded by my  family.  I am very lucky, I have been able to follow my dream and am thankful for all the support & encouragement of so many folk.

As a pictorial storyteller, each piece of my work carries a story buried beneath the surface for the viewer to unfurlI use elements of symbology in my work, for our lives are enriched by symbols. Secret messages in the written & spoken word, images, & gestures; they can move us, inspire us, inform us and puzzle us; from faerie stories, with their hidden morals & warning, to the symbolic nature of our dreams.  

I now spend my time striving to create work that makes my heart sing. My hope is that you may experience even a little of the pleasure from my work as i felt when creating it. 
I hope through my work; my blog, my paintings & my stories that folk may find inspiration & encouragement as I have found it through others x

“If you never try, you'll never know what you are capable of.”  John Barrow

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