July 31, 2012

my wee studio & an art trail . . .

There has been a hustle and a bustling in my studio lately.
My muse has returned, oh joy! 
 I'm spending happy hours nestled in my creating space.
I  love my studio,  it was a dream I held for many years
to have such a place and now at last i do  . . .
folk who visit say it fascinates them with so much to look at!
 That makes me smile,   I'm usually such a tidy soul, 
yet this space of mine is overflowing and i love it!
It isn't a space i " put" together, rather it has grown about me
like a comfortable blanket, familiar & cosy & comforting.
When i step through the door I enter into another world.
A world where  i dream & plot & paint & sketch,
listen to  endless stories & magical music.
This wee haven fills me with peace & inspiration.
It's almost time for the next Kirkcudbright Art Trail 
A whole year has passes since the last one see here
  A wonderful event held from Friday 3rd to Mon 6th August.
The wee town of Kirkcudbright will be filled with a hum of activity
as local artists & crafts folk show their wares.
You can find lots more info, a brochure & map here on the website.
My dear Mom Jean Redden & I will be there again this year
We will be downstairs in Rhubarb, Castle Street  again 
if you are about do pop in, its always lovely to meet folk.
Above is my piece donated for the a canvas wall, 
a fab idea that allows folk to pick up a piece of art for £10!!
I do hope to see some of you there x x

July 16, 2012

An allergy & a magical cure . . .

Hello treasures ~ I am back at last, with such a happy sigh.
for this last long while I have felt just like rip van winkle!
or frodo baggins in the sleeping grove!
Now i'm back with a tale . . .
Silently & slowly over many moons a great weariness, heaviness, 
a bone deep tiredness had crept up and settled upon me,
I had other odd & annoying symptoms too.
I thought, for a long while,  it was just me ~ getting older ;-)
 Then by chance my  knight in shining armour (my Mr O)
 consulted with a wise man who pronounced a magical cure.
My ailment ~ foods that really shouldn't be passing my lips
things that did daily ~ wheat & dairy, sugar & caffeine!
 So i set too and (though often tempted) I have banished those baddies
and at last miracle of miracles ~ after months and months
I feel I have woken up from the longest  hibernation, 
I have energy again, which in turn means I can do things again, yay!
A huge change from a just a few short weeks ago.
I was exhausted by the slightest of things, all i felt i could manage was
to read, pottet in the quiet garden, look at loveliness on Pinterest
and sleep on and on and on lol
Who would have thought it had so much to do with diet!