May 17, 2011

gothic splendor, times past & present. . .

On travels to see my lovely eldest lass in Bristol
there was time to visit awe inspiring Gothic splendor
St Mary Redcliffe church, Bristol
with its intricate lace like patterns, carved in stone so long ago
We found glowing stained glass, the sun streaming through
throwing jewel colours onto stone floors, worn by many feet.
How many generations past have gazed at these windows
trying to conjure the ancient tales they may tell?
Green men & gargoyles were tucked away
waiting, silently, to be found again.
Unrecognisable beasts curled ever in waiting
guarding the entrance against long forgotten evils.
Tortured souls gazing sightlessly from their broken columns
for how many moons have they looked down upon the throngs?
and waiting to inspire; bright, medieval colours & patterns
in painted panels, vaulted ceilings & mosaic floors.
I pondered the lives of the folk who created these so long ago.
Inspired i was indeed, by the intricacy, the brightness, the detail.
Inspired enough to finish, at last, my stained glass inspired foxy painting.
Thinking on the passing of time, as i dipped my brush in deepest blues.
Remembering those treasures folk have left behind, shrouded in mystery.
As i added golden stars to my midnight skies, i gave thanks.
Thanks that we have these treasures still,  linking back to the past,
to our ancestors, their skills, their imagination, their patience.
* * *
I am fleeing away far overseas, for a wee while to visit my precious niece,
Taking time out, my sister & I,  to holiday together with our lovely Mom,
The last time we all were together like this i would have been 16/17?!
How time does fly!!
When i return my foxes shall be sitting in my shop.
Wishing you all happiness & peace x x