February 27, 2010

My wedding decorations . . .

i am so pleased i just had to share
my wedding table design that i did for our wedding
has been featured on sew mama sew
a wonderful site to explore for creative folk
with sewing tutorials, patterns, project ideas & shop
* * *
sorry for my absense
i will post "properly" very soon
to let you know what has been happening
x x x

February 02, 2010

inspired by . . .

inspired by the beautiful bright moon
to do a quick doodle
inspired by an earlier gypsy sketch
to try a bigger more detailed paintinginspired by autums colours
a piece i did last autumn
whilst listening to the wonderful

inspired . . knowing spring is on the way x x
If you are interested in ancient tales & legends
of celtic origin, a visit across to the
celtic myth podshow is an absolute must
* * *
never very good at planning, this is a new adventure to me
having a plan of action has given so much more focus
i think i could begin to get very used to this new way of thinking!
at last, i have been a working on my web site design, exciting !
and i do so hope to have it up by the end of the month
and remember i told you here, about the red-den,
we got held up last year but are due for opening
very, very soon, i shall let you know.
x x x
(see also the red-den studio links under snippets of)