December 31, 2008

between the old & the new . . .

Christmas has tumbled past in a flurry of happiness & contentment
wouldn't it be lovely if  we could catch those moments in a delicate snow globe
to give it a gentle shake every once in a while & glimpse the magic over again

and now, here I find myself in this familiar old place
this kind of waiting space between the old & the new
a time for quiet reflection . . .
. . . wandering back over the happenings of the old year
pondering some bits & musing others pieces

This has been a truly different & very lovely year for me, I proudly married the very wonderful Mr O. I  started working for myself doing what I love the most, being creative and painting! I started blogging and a whole new world opened up before my very eyes.

 I have learnt a great deal this last twelve months and now I am looking forward to the start of a brand new year, with great excitement, resolutions have been scribbled down, must do's & would love to do's. I am ready to roll, here it comes, tiptoeing around the corner, so I am away to spend the last of this good old 2008 remembering & reminiscing, dreaming & planning and just being oh so thankful
wishing you all a very wonderful New Year,
may it be all you hope for in your heart

December 24, 2008

Ssshhh it's Christmas eve

  . . . its a magical night, silent & soft
such an expectant feeling fills our wee house
a stillness & a peace wrapped around us,
waiting for loved ones to arrive from distant places
sounds of paper rustling & secret present wrapping
excited laughter & busy chatter
no better place could i wish to be
but here in the heart of my precious family
on this night of all nights
Christmas eve
wishing you all a very merry Christmas
x x x
beautiful illustrations from
Jan Pienkowski's

December 10, 2008

Burrell Collection - medieval stained glass

such a sight for sore eyesglowing wings of angels
precious colours set alight in glass the Burrells collection of stained glass
such a perfect place for my research
on medieval art

with imagination set alight and thoughts of a world long gone
i found so very much to explore and soak up
amazed at this, the work of those distant craftsmen

such a stunning collection of art work
gifted by Sir William Burrell and his wife to Glasgow in 1944
The Burrell collection in Glasgow is made up of a vast array of works
of all periods and from all over the world.

The Burrell Collection