October 25, 2010

Am foghar . . .

the crimson & gold hued treasures of Autumn
have slowly seeped into my very bones
and out through my pencils & brushes
"am foghar" my gaelic "autumn"
piece is begun, at last!
Thoughts of crisp woodland meanderings
and the wee creatures hidden there.
I am wanting to capture their wildness
in my drawings & tiny (unfinished) sculptures
It is nearly over, where do the hours disappear to?
We are safely snuggled into our wee house
as the dark draws round us,
finding plenty to keep our fingers busy
& with a whole heap of faerie stories to read.
My mr o is a travelling the highlands on & off
making the hours we share ever more precious.
Very soon i am off on an adventure with my girls
to the far flung corners of Marrakesh!!
So excited, my dreams are filled with
Arabian nights, dusky souks
story tellers, dancers & musicians
i can hardly wait!!
I wonder what keeps you occupied
on these drawing in so swiftly
velvety evenings?
x x x