November 23, 2011

Time well spent . . .

Moments in time.  Where do they go those seconds, minutes, hours & days?
I lift my eyes & see that they have tiptoed past whilst i was busy elsewhere.
Rainy August slid into September, a richly hued October fell into November
Like old friends, the seasons pass by, say hello and then go on their way again.
I seemed to miss so much, spending hours tired & frustrated, running in circles.
Too much to do, too little time.  Knowing something was missing, but what?
Then in mid September, oh lovely synchronicity . . .(do you ever experience it?)
 . . .  one day, I chanced upon two intriguing e-courses that just called out to me.
Essence of Wild’s Barefoot breathingrun by Jackie Stewart & Jason Smalley
and the Relation-shipscourse run by the lovely Jackie Walker.
I knew I had to sign up for both, feeling excited & hopeful & nervous
 unsure of what I would unearth, but instinct telling me to give it a try.
I made a decision & took 6 weeks out, to emerse myself in all I found!
 I’m so glad I did, with such inspirational words & guidance, I have learnt so much!  
I slowly unravelled myself, found better understanding, new direction & purpose.
I was taught to re-connect with myself & Mother Nature, for I had forgotten how.
I learnt to build calmness & balance into my days, the very things I saw I had lost.
The courses were such a wonderful gift &  I feel I look at the world with fresh eyes.
I can’t say a big enough thank you to the wonderful folk who guided me on this path!

  After I finished the courses I set out to find ways to keep this new found balance.
Being a Virgo I loved doing this, designing a personalised monthly, weekly & daily planner.
Making slots in my day for the important things; home, family, business, creative & me time.
I sorted & organised & tidied my life, my head, my studio, my computer, our home and us!
 Then I found  Julia Cameron's "The Artists way" & am working through her course now!
I write morning pages (as Julia suggests), loving the flow of words, finding answers & insight. 
 I am learning new habits to ensure I don’t “forget” the lessons I have learnt.
Meditation brings me peace & calm and I am back to yoga, after years away.
I write down my "5 precious things" a day, remembering to be thankful.
Make time for 100 deep breathes in nature, soaking up the beauty of it all.  
I spied a weasel playing under a bramble, a delicate deer in the early morning
 and i woke extra early to watch the pink hues of a sunrise light up the world.
I am now so much more aware of the passing of the season & the days.
 I am looking forward & planning, with lots of new projects in the pipeline.
   An idea that in the future I hope to share, creating ways & means to enable folk 
to find the time to fulfill  “all” the parts of themselves as much as possible.
We are getting ready for long winters evenings snuggling by the fire and Christmas too!
I have a kitchen to finish decorating, mood boards to make for our garden & living room . 
Bulbs to plant, an art doll to start & . . . . oh but time enough to share these things another day.
And there was me thinking i hadn't been up to so very much lol!

Just remember my lovelies,
take time out to slow down & notice the small precious things every once in a while
x x x

Time is a brisk wind,  for each hour it brings something new... 
but who can understand and measure its sharp breath, its mystery and its design?