May 26, 2010

outside . . .

at last . . . . . we are moved . . . . . hurray
the last boxes are unpacked
homes have been found for every little thing
we are slowly but surely settling in
these deliciously sunshiny days have found us
in our new garden space, tucked into the hill
digging & clearing & pruning
much cutting of grass and pulling of weeds
we have uncovered quirky steps and hidden corners
forgotten plants & neglected flowers
fallen down walls & buried treasures
we are as busy as the bees, planning & planting
and filling our wee space with happiness

and . . . looking forward.
* * *
thank you for stopping by your words mean so much
have lifted my spirits so, when the going got tough
x x x

May 14, 2010

A Scottish thistle for a bride to be.

What a lovely design job this was, working with a Bride -to-be.
Coming up with a design for her wedding invitations. 
Being Scottish she wanted to incorporate the Scottish thistle
and used the thistle colours in her wedding theme .

I wanted to create an emblem for them
including both the bride & grooms name.

I loved working on this design. The form of the thistle
 was a good one to play around with design wise.
I'm so pleased with the results
 and thankfully so were my clients too!

I did get quite carried away and came up with lots of design options.
It's a design I will most definitely re-visit
to work up into something more.

Here's wishing the Bride & Groom a wonderful wedding day!