June 14, 2010

sea pinks and cotton grass . . .

wandering the countryside here
there are always treasures to discover
down on the shore,
tiny sea pinks & the brightest of lichens
decorating aged rocks
in a hillside field
an old empty cottage is tucked
the stories those walls could tell
up in the galloway hills
the softest carpets of cotton grass
nodding their sleepy heads
and when we stop for a moment
amid patches of daisies
we find, packed by my lovely mom
scones, filled with homemade jam to munch on
whilst we sit and admire the views
perfect weekend lazy days
x x x
(our poor old monitor is on its last legs
so i do hope the photos are ok!
to be remedied as soon as )

June 06, 2010

mad hatter madness & an anniversary . . .

my love of quirkiness was instantly attracted
to the mad hatter inspired theme
of this wedding shoot
* * *
especially as mr o & i
just celebrated another
precious year together
x x x

June 03, 2010

inside . . .

with all our tootling about & moving & such
i haven't painted for oh so long
my fingers have been itching!
but i was busy making . . .bathroom curtains & beady tiebacks
( made using some old christmas baubles)
to happily hang
bringing back to life old neglected chairs
above one for my own wee studio (rescued from the skip)
and several (6) for our family room
(how my hands ached after all the sanding & painting!)
and sewing stripey cushions and table cloth
to finish off the table we rescued too
I painted the table legs white to match the chairs.
i love making & bringing things back to life
but now its time. . .
i have new windows to peep out of
and a work space waiting for me to ...work!
have a wonderful weekend all x x