April 22, 2010

times they are a changing . . . .

With the coming of these fresh spring days
i have found myself busy as a bee, a cleaning & a sorting . . .
i have been dusting down my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams
these are days for budding new ideas, new imaginings, i have been planning & designing our new wee home
painting & re-vamping, giving things a new lease of life
i really dont like throwing things away,
i am a bit of a scavenger too, some of my favourite
places are second hand stores. a treasure found costing very little
gives me so much more joy than something newly bought
my precious paints and pencils are all sadly packed away
my unfinished paintings shall have to wait (and there are so many!)
i can't quite concentrate in such upheaval & mayhem
so i shall succumb to these times of change,
another child just having flown the nest
after so many years i shall feel the empty spaces
* * *
to these times of new beginningsmy lovely niece now such a proud mom
of the tiniest miracle baby girl just 1lb 3oz,
* * *
i am counting down the days (9 sleeps to go)
until we have our new home to settle into
until life can quietly tick back into place again