September 14, 2010

hibernation & hunting . . .

It's been so long since i was here last
and oh how I have missed you all!
But I have felt such a need, these past weeks
just to sit quietly, to listen & to watch.
My precious inspiration went into hibernation.
It was i think, waiting for the dust of hectic summer
to settle back into place, before peeping out again!
Whilst the sun was still high in the bright blue sky,
we went a-hunting for my inspiration.
Along the way discovering such heart lifting delights as
ancient Celtic carvings at Tullie House,
hilltop carvings at Dalbeattie &Kirroughtree,
we hiking over the patchwork, heather strew hills,
hunting & found these glorious scottish landscapes
that stretched as far as our eyes could see,
one season has rolled into the next, now it is begun
the wonderful dusky change of hues that is,
my absolute favourite of them all, Autumn.
I am at last, feeling refreshed & full of ideas again
i have found my old, dear friend, my inspiration!
So i am away to pick up my dusty paintbrushes
but just before i go
i just have to share the utmost highlight of my days.
The picture above shows just a few of the delights
i discovered at the wonderful & delicious exhibition
my precious Mr O took me to see
( i wish you could have come too!)
"The truth about faeries"

oh my, i have so much catching up to do with you all !
x x x