August 25, 2009

autumn fruits & driftwood

wandering out beetween the showersrosehips full of vitamin c
early autumn feasts met our eyeselder berries make delicious wine
bursting into richly coloured ripeness
tucked amongst the dripping hedgerowssloe berries
and down on the evening lit, deserted shore driftwood wind chime we found a beachcombers windchime
of driftwood, twine & seashells
dancing gently in the breeze
tinkling its tune out over the sea
* * *
( tomorrow we bring baskets to fill !)

August 19, 2009

Gypsy inspired

Sketching gypsy inspired ideas for things to come
Time you old gipsy man
Time, you old gipsy man,
Will you not stay,
Put up your caravan
Just for one day?
All things I'll give you
Will you be my guest,
Bells for your jennet
Of silver the best,
Goldsmiths shall beat you
A great golden ring,
Peacocks shall bow to you,
Little boys sing,
Oh, and sweet girls will
Festoon you with may.
Time, you old gipsy,
Why hasten away?

My Grandma used to recite this to me when I was small
and I love the pictures it conjured.
written by the english poet Ralph Hodgson
here to read the rest, here for other poems of his.

August 14, 2009

found again . . .

today is a celebration, one whole year!
of this my blogging life.
i set out to find lost keys, to unlock parts of me
to find again my creative self
such twisting & turning steps i have climbed
yet at every turn found new treasures waiting
i have enjoyed my journey & learnt so much
found again the me i thought lost
and im standing here, one year on
feeling on top of this beautiful world
so i raise my glass and say thank you
for stepping with me along the way
for giving me courage & strength
& friendship
* * *
so looking forward to sharing the next chapter!
x x x

August 10, 2009

the king of the gypsies. . . .

treasure from kirkcudbright cemetery
amazing patterns from naturelichen patterns on stone
patterns man made, going back to natureold carving in sandstone
and tucked away in the oldest part
a carved & crumbling piece of granite billy marshall king of the western lowland scottish gypsies headstonedated 1792, the final resting place of
king of the gypsies of the scottish western lowlands
billy marshall king of the gypsies coins on headstone
it is said he was 12o years when he died
setting sun and celtic cross kirkcudbright i set off home as the sun was setting
to discover more
of customs & tales woven around coins & headstones & such
* * *
some say the coins are to pay the ferryman to take the soul across the river Styx
* * *
some that the copper represents good luck
* * *
in fishing communities men wore a gold hoop in an ear
so if the ship went down the ferryman could be paid
as coins were in short supply due to poverty
and had to be left with the wives
* * *
a penny for your thoughts? 
A thank you to Antony Marshall, who left a msg below saying
" I am the Great/Great Grandson of King Billy Marshall,
The coins on the grave are left by gipsies for the next gypsy

who comes along in case it is needed, as a way of help."