July 13, 2020

A new studio, a fresh start

Sometimes all we need is time to stand still and listen to our heart. I found myself doing this, at long last, while all the world has been upside down and back-to-front these past months and days.

You might remember way back in 2016 I took on a bigger studio space a few miles away in our local town. Well, for a good while it served me very well and helped me move forward as an artist. But gradually over time I began to feel something wasn't right, yet I couldn't put my finger on it. I was struggling to produce new art work, got lots of headaches, just felt very detached somehow and would arrive back home at the end of my day feeling exhausted.

Whilst we were all in Lock Down I couldn't get to the town studio so I spent more and more time in the little studio in the garden and it began to dawn on me what had been missing all the while. It was my connection to my inspiration, my need to be surrounded by nature, space, peace and quiet. So, I have returned to my roots as it were, given up the town studio and moved lock, stock and barrel into this tiny garden space.

It's had a bit of a re-vamp inside to fit everything in and now every corner is filled with arty things and crafty projects and all of my treasures. But I love it. Now I can pop in and out whenever the mood takes me, I can open the door to let the fresh air in, I can sit snug inside and listen to the rain drumming on the roof or feel the sun warm my toes as it creeps through the open door and I'm there to welcome all the wee visitors to the garden too!

I'm starting to feel the stirrings of inspiration again and there will soon be new art work on my table. The headaches ( a result of my being hyper sensitive to the strip fluorescent lights in the old studio) have completely vanished, and I feel my energies gradually returning.

At the end of the day, it feels like coming home to myself at last