November 23, 2009

robert kirk . . . elves, faeries & fauns

a trailer for the intriguing, award winning, scottish film "kirk"

about a 17th century reverend, robert kirk, who believed in faeries
the film was produced by 17yr old michael ferns

November 17, 2009

where the wild things grow . . .

a world of tiny wonders . . .

(a faerie pup, or a giant mushroom? )
* * *
i am loving our wrapped up, breezy strolls
through woody places, over grassy meadows
watching as autum paints the world with burnished hues
* * *

November 09, 2009

fidelma massey . . . treasures

every once in a wee while my eye catches a glimpse
of treasures that make me catch my breath
dancing eve by fidelma massey
and i did gasp when i saw the wonderful sculptures
by irish artist fidelma massey
creatures from her imagination
and yet they have a familiar feel to them
steeped in mythology & otherworldliness
they speak of times long past
or of wonders hidden just beyond our world
her site is so very worth a visit
many more treasure to behold