January 28, 2009

from the mouth of babes . . .

beside my bed, sits a tiny, handmade wooden music box
it is very precious to me, a present from my dear grandad
and sometimes when it catches my eye it reminds me . .
of one wintry evening, many, many long years ago
as i sat mulling & going over so many silly bits & pieces
(i have oft been a bit more of a worrier than i would prefer)
my wee boy, cuddled on my knee, softly whispered in my ear
" find a little teeny box in the corner of your mind mommy,
put all your worries inside and they won't bother you there!"
so, i imagined a little box, i carefully opened the lid,
i put those worries inside, i turned the tiny key
i forgot all about them, for a little while
the next time i took those worries out,
they were not half as bad as i had first imagined
my wee man - he had been so very right
i still use that imaginary little box, with its tiny key
Children say the most wonderful things, don't they?
Do you have any tales to tell from . . . . the mouth of babes.

January 24, 2009

from the corner of my eye . . .

slowly & yet oh so surely
my mind kept a-wandering
concentration crept away
industriousness ground to a halt
i sat quietly & watched
from the corner of my eye
how he puffed & he panted
he fidgeted & he fiddled
he jumped up & jumped down
he really wanted a little more
more than a look at the world
i downed brushes & we set off
to investigate . . .

January 21, 2009

Until the call . . .

All is delivered. Designs, information, samples! So, for now
i shall pick up my brushes & loose myself again in painting

Until the call.
Hoping i will hear a "yes " when i lift that phone to my ear
the suspense. I sit thinking, how i came to be doing just this,
branching out into wedding design, not what i had in mind.
(Though i really do love doing it, altogether love weddings )
My own wedding design last year, here & here
led to comments, complements, recommendation
so, i thought maybe its not such a bright idea
to look a gift horse in the mouth when starting out
i'm so hoping for my very first "bride" to design for .

a delicious excuse to doodle & draw flowers & lovely things
The above started life as the this below

early/late bird . . . . .

such a ridiculously early time of the morning
even the birds will very soon be waking
yet here am i,
frantically putting finishing touches to my portfolio
from my own lips are uttered the famous words
next time -i will be more organised
next time - i shall not leave things till last moments

but, at last, I am now proud owner of
a range of wedding stationary designs
and . . . (eeek)
in not so very many hours
i am of to visit my very first
(working for myself full-time) client

. . .at best i am hoping that they may think my work looks ok
though my lack of sleep may well
cause me to look a fright
(my excuse, i seem for some very odd reason

to work so very much better under pressure!?)
off to sleep.......................

January 20, 2009

Hope written . . .

"Hope is the thing with feathers
that perches in the soul
and sings the tune without words
and never stops, at all"
Emily Dickinson

January 18, 2009

me and my three . . .

. . . and, i can hardly believe it
i finally made myself finish this!
" me and my three"
i think i rather like it now
can you tell i have had a wonderfully creative weekend

January 17, 2009

catching mermaids . . .

mermaids have been swimming through my dreams lately
i have doodled, scribbled & sketched them on & off
but nothing clicked, then all of a sudden
last night for the first time in oh so long
i had such an urge to just paint
and im so very glad i did

January 12, 2009

photography, pattern, pens & paints

to mention five things I love to do each day
was a request made by Monika over at red2white
it fits perfectly with no 5 of my 5preciousthings
so here we are
every day i love to . . . .
. . . sup a steaming cup of tea first thing in the morn,
it helps waken me to the day
. . capture images from the world i see
finding inspiration everywhere
. . . spend time in the studio
creating something or another

. . sit tucked in a quiet corner
scribbling in my journal
. . . be with my precious family
never a day goes by without them making me smile
in one sweet way or another
(above are notes left by my boy to cheer me one day)

January 09, 2009

reflections . . .

as always, these long nights & short dark days
they come a creeping up on me and here i sit
my yearning for bright daylight increasing
it keeps me sane & sensible, hale & healthy
and yet i love the wintery light & reflections

in the kitchen, the last of our christmas candles
give a warm & homely glow

in the bedroom, fragile egyptian perfume bottles
sparkle in frosty early morning sun

in the bathroom, minature mirrored mosaics
cast myriad patterns dancing over the walls
in the living room, twinkling stars
catch flickering flames from the cosy fire

oh . . . you caught me

reflecting, with a glass of wine ,
on this first week back . .
does christmas seem so long gone already to others too?

January 04, 2009

back to work . . .

today we sat & drank hot cups of tea & chatted
walked woodland paths & laughed at coco antics
had a thoroughly relaxing day, but. . big sighs . .
today was the very last day of our christmas hols
so tomorrow it's back to work & school & business
when this day comes around i always feel a little sad
of course life goes on & so does the big wide world
this same day just a short while ago it seems
26 years ago in fact, i first became a Mom
happy birthdays & huge hugs & buckets of love
are sent over the many miles to my lass

January 01, 2009

skimming stones & sunsets

out wandering the shoreline today
i remembered what a perfect place is this where i live
simply to open my eyes is to see & feel happy
skimming stones in the misty silence of sunset
watching ripples as the pebble skips over the sea

the hauntingly beautiful sound
as swift geese fly honking by overhead
a wind blown tree catching my eye
waiting to be drawn
hiding among the rocks a sea washed stone
with pebble treasure set in its midst
as the sun goes down
on this the first day of a brand new year
the shore at mute hill, kirkcudbright