August 27, 2012

Celtic blessings & a vist to Cumbria . . .

I chose another of my favourite Celtic blessings for my latest piece
"May you have. . . "

 May you have walls for the wind and a roof for the rain
and drinks beside the fire,  laughter to cheer you
& those you love near you and all that you heart may desire.

As i worked on this piece I got to thinking about my own blessings
how lucky I am to have walls & a roof, drink & food & warmth.
  What more could a person ask for.

Another blessing I am oh so thankful for is being Mom to my 3.
Only now times they are a changing, i suddenly have an empty nest!
My number 3 is setting off with a happy wave for college life
 and as i I sit here at home I can feel the air quietly shift & re-settle
as it fills the spaces, as our lives take on new patterns & ways.

So whilst the pattern of our days settles itself
and I grow accustomed to this quieter wee cottage
i am smiling at the memories, keeping busy,  painting & making
and so looking forward to future times & family visits.

I have so many other things to share, where do i start . . .
Perhaps with our days in Cumbria finding Celtic inspirations and
the "The Giants Grave", a collection of 4 separate monuments, 
2 crosses & 4 hogback tombstones at St Andrews church said to mark
the burial place of Owen Caesarius, King of Cumbria 920 to 937 AD.

Or the stone circle "Long Meg & her daughters" with its 69 stones,
dated about 1500bc, I felt such connections here in this ancient place.
 We also hunted down the Loki stone in Kirby Stephen, depicting the
Norse god.  A reminder of invading Vikings here once upon a time.

Back home a last minute decision found us camping out
at our local,  friendly music festival the "Wickerman".
Lots of excellent music, catching up with friends old & new
& rounded off with the spectacular burning of the giant wickerman.

The Kirkcudbright art trail at which Mom & I had our work
was a wonderful event, its always good to actually meet customers
I'd like to say a huge thank you to all who called in.

So as the sun sets on these last days of August
I hope you too have many blessings to count.
My newest Celtic Blessing painting is available as prints
in my etsy shop here,  I now offer up to A3+ size prints.
I also have a new folksy store here which i am in the process of stocking.

do remember to keep an eye open for the magical
"once in a blue moon" on 31st!
x x x
The sunset above is the view over the Cairnsmore of Fleet,
Dumfries & Galloway.