February 05, 2011

Myth Weaver shop. . .

Hello folks, well, at long last, i have finally done it. . .
* I am very happy to announce the opening of
"Myth Weaver"my very own on-line Etsy shop.
* * *
I will be selling original artwork, prints & cards
and from time to time, my one-of-a kind
tiny animal sculptures, hand stitched bits & bobs
& other lovelies i am stirred to make.
* * *
Each print & artwork comes with a handmade tiny book,
full of snippets of folklore & a selection of my art works.
If a print or artwork is to be bought as a gift,
a personal message can be aded to the booklet.
* * * *
Such an amazing journey of re-discover i have had
to reach this point & to have uncovered again my arty self
(you can read here & here of my wobbly beginning steps)
* * *
I just want to say, I couldn't have done it without you
From the precious encouragement from fellow bloggers & readers
& the most amazing support from my wonderful Mr O.
Thank you all from the very bottom of my heart
Have a wonderful weekend all.
x x x


  1. Congratulations on opening Myth Weaver! Wishing you great joy creating art... What you have up so far is just lovely.

  2. I love the name Myth Weaver. Good luck and much success with your shop! Robin.

  3. Good luck with your Etsy shop - lovely name and beautiful things in there already!

  4. Wonderful! I will be looking at your "booth" at etsy when I can shop. Your work is beautiful. I'm pretty darned new in here, so I've just started exploring. Ruthie, it is SO good that you are exploring your creative self while your children are growing up with you and that your husband is supporting you in this. It will do your CHILDREN untold good as well. I am so glad I found this blog. May this be the beginning of all sorts of untold NEW wonders for your life.

  5. Anonymous5/2/11 17:18

    I am so pleased that you've done this Ruthie, well done. I'm going to go onto Etsy now ♥

  6. Yeah! Can't wait to check it out! So happy for you! What a great way to start off 2011!

  7. What a gorgeous banner and lovely shop name! You're certainly on the top of my list for Etsy purchases, as soon as I can swing it. Congratulations and wishes for great success on this new project! xx

  8. Ruthie, I am so excited for you! A lovely name for a lovely place of sharing on the 'net. Etsy will now have a little more magic. :)

  9. I concur with all of the above, Ruthie. Best wishes, I know you'll do well! xa

  10. Congratulations Ruthie...and I LOVE the name!

  11. How wonderful Ruthie!!

    I've been over to look and look,and I'm wishing you every success for you deserve it.

    Much hugs to you,

  12. Congratulations on Myth Weaver Ruthie.
    I walk with a weaver from the South Rhins.I must send her a link to your blog.
    Here's wishing you great success.

  13. Well done Ruthie! All your hard work has paid off! I love this design, it reminds me of the Macintosh style, one of my favourites!xx

  14. Yay, congratulations sweetie!
    Myth Weaver is a beautiful shop. I am waiting for you to create a pack of greetings cards with a mixture of your lovely Celtic designs. I will visit the Etsy regularly to see if you get some in stock. ;-)
    I will also feature your shop soon on a blog post. I hope that is ok?

    Hearts and fairy magic,
    Jo. xx

  15. Congratulations on opening Myth Weaver! Hope it goes well! Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my book review of In Praise of Slow!

  16. What an exciting development for you. Congrats!!!

  17. Thank you lovely folksies, for all the comments. I meant to pop back sooner, setting up shop took rather more time thank i thought ;-) where does the time go to. Shall drop by again very soon x ruthie x

  18. Ruthie, that is wonderful news! Congratulations! Your art is so magical...I shall be sure to go have a peek x

  19. Ps: Jo, How exciting, i would be honoured!!! x x

  20. Wonderful, wonderful, congratulations :-)


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