March 16, 2009

my precious boy . . .

precious things i am thinking of today
my 3 children
i have already introduced you to my daughters here & here
now i introduce my boy
such a lateral thinker, with wonderful imagination as i told here
he studies the world around him in great detail

sometimes too closely! "investigated" my tube of blue paint

he is an amazing young man
and i am oh, so very proud of him
his inner strength & his kindness
his compassion & his creativity
his wisdom & his patience


  1. what great pictures of your children....I was looking, thinking of my own son, now on spring bored....still my amazing son. then I started looking at the blogs you've visited and where did the time go!? thank you for this little adventure....take care, k

  2. I often think about when mine were little and remember it was hard work but looking back, it seems over in an instant. Each time one of them comes to visit now it's another precious moment.x

  3. Kimberley they do grow so dont they. My girls are both adults now, with 10 yrs beetween the youngest and having my boy, somehow it makes each stage he goes through even more poignant.
    Jessie - seems so not very long ago that they were all noisily, busily running around my feet(sigh), so worth all the hard work & dont u just love those "precious" moments. I am off next week to your neck of the woods -bristol to visit my eldest - so excited!

  4. Anonymous17/3/09 20:35

    It's lovely to meet your family. I hope you are enjoying the passage of time with your lovely children. Enjoy each moment!

  5. Gorgeous! What a face! My two oldest are now men, and looking at that young man's eyes took me back...:? But it is all how it's meant to be!

  6. Dowhayyoulove - thank you , i do so treasure the moments. the most precious things of all!!
    Diane - it is indeed all as it is meant to be. Time really does fly doesn't it. I cant believe my boy is soon to be 15!!

  7. I love your blog. What beautiful things.
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