January 28, 2009

from the mouth of babes . . .

beside my bed, sits a tiny, handmade wooden music box
it is very precious to me, a present from my dear grandad
and sometimes when it catches my eye it reminds me . .
of one wintry evening, many, many long years ago
as i sat mulling & going over so many silly bits & pieces
(i have oft been a bit more of a worrier than i would prefer)
my wee boy, cuddled on my knee, softly whispered in my ear
" find a little teeny box in the corner of your mind mommy,
put all your worries inside and they won't bother you there!"
so, i imagined a little box, i carefully opened the lid,
i put those worries inside, i turned the tiny key
i forgot all about them, for a little while
the next time i took those worries out,
they were not half as bad as i had first imagined
my wee man - he had been so very right
i still use that imaginary little box, with its tiny key
Children say the most wonderful things, don't they?
Do you have any tales to tell from . . . . the mouth of babes.


  1. OH..I used to have a jewellery box like that, with a little ballerina inside! My Grandparents gave it to me as a child & I absolutely treasured it!

    And what a lovely story...I totally agree, Children do say the most wonderful things! And they believe them too, which is even more wonderful :)

  2. That's a lovely story and so wise so young! I've always been intrigued by small boxes and probably have too many to know what to do with! Maybe I should put my worries in them.x

  3. Ruthie, I love your blog, what a lovely place to visit. You inspire me, thank you so much!

    Michelle :)


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