March 30, 2009

griffins and green men . . .

a travelling we have been, away to visit precious family
glorious sunshiny spring days down in old englandshire stained glass in chester cathedral such adventures we have had,
finding ourselves glared at by griffins
griffin outside the entrance to chester cathedralgrinned at by green men

green man at chester cathedralmenaced by stone monsters
carving over an old doorway
protected by winged knights
carving at chester cathedral watched over by glorious angelschester cathedral, carved angel . . . that only the first part of our journey
to chester cathedral


  1. Anonymous30/3/09 21:45

    It looks like you had a very wonderful adventure, and got to see some fun things. Thank you for sharing your photo journey.

  2. Such enchanting photos! I look forward to more! By the way, I have added you to my blog roll. Hope that's okay!

  3. Oh, lucky girl! You are seeing, photographing and posting some of my favorite things! (we are sadly lacking in all things green manish and statuesque over here...)

  4. i did indeed have a wonderful adventure, we are so very lucky to be able to gaze at so many treasures from times long past! Pamela Terry & Edward we are most honoured to be included in your blogroll, thank you x

  5. It's many years since I last went to Chester Cathedral, it's time I paid another visit I think.

  6. Great place to visit to find inspiration.


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