November 13, 2008

look at you now . . .

not 5 minutes since i sat sketching you and now...

look at you, winner of awards
well done my lovely
next. . . the scottish apprenticeship awards


  1. ...isn't it amazing how they fast they grow and then end up being such wonderful adults!?

    Say, I noticed something that caught my eye-- you happen to be a "tiger"- and an artist, and a Virgo- AND left handed? I am all of the above, just older- darn it-ha!

    I don't put a lot of stock in the sign stuff but it seems to have some pretty amazing insights sometimes doesn't it?

    Might be funny to see how MANY artists out there with the same stats ;-)

    Also, after a 17 year career am finding my arty self as well...

    Nice photos and sentiments!

  2. Yes, they grow up so quickly...

    Congrats to you and your talented offspring.


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