March 02, 2012

Spring is in the air

At longest last I feel signs of Spring in the air as March appears
so lovely to see lighter evenings & misty mornings again
I am feeling as mad as a March Hare, so much to do so little time!
Paintings to paint for an exhibition, a vegetable patch to start, 
a pile of sewing, books waiting to be read, hmm where to begin!
A walk is always a good place to start dont you think?
 To breathe in the deepest lung fulls of pure inspiration!
Walking in our woods i spy knots of wood & twisted roots,
delicate lace like skeletons of leaves & entwined branches,
all the inspiration of Mother nature spread before my eyes.
It reminds me of the symmetry of the celtic knotwork i so love.

So March is here & there are new treasures to discover,
 the clocks will go ticking forward & there is Spring Equinox.
Very soon we will be tiptoing through bluebells in the woods!
What do you love about March?


  1. Beautifiul images. I love all the photos - is that a new little puppy in the family? I love seeing the branches that truly do look like the knots. And those stones, oh my! Your tree is lovely. Happy March! We had a big snow storm today, so its feeling a lot more wintry than your photos.

  2. Your tree is magnificent Ruthie! LOVE it. Hmmm. Do you ever sell originals? : )
    Hugs, Penny

  3. I saw the Groam House museum a few years ago - quite by accident too. I think the George Bain exhibition there may be permanent.
    Funny you should mention this but Gail and me stumble on a wee exhibition by him in Edinburgh just a couple of weeks ago ( ).
    I can see how his work could tie into your's quite well.

  4. Lovely, lovely post this Friday morning Ruthie! Your painting is just stunning, so intricate. Spring is definitely stirring here, I love the early morning birdsong in March (or should I say cacophony??) - it reminds you to keep faith, Spring and warmer days will soon be here. ~Siobhan xo

  5. Valerianna - that is Poppy, she looks tiny there, 8months old & a bundle of joy now! Happy March to you too treasure. Ooh snow storms, I guess I am able to thing of them longingly as Im sat here in mild weather lol! x

    Penny, thank you sweetie! I do indeed sell my originals, mostly on my website, though I am thinking of adding some to Etsy, I wasn’t sure if it would work out though. This one has been ear-marked already, but I am about to embark on another similar piece if you are interested ;-)

    Sandy – sigh, how did I miss that exhibition! Did they have much of his work? Oh well at least the exhibition in Gram is always there, I shall have to manage another visit one day! You do discover such loveliness ;-)

    Siobhan – I love the sound of the birds too! We were listening to a buzzard calling out over our heads & soaring free, beautiful. Fingers crossed for warmer days x

  6. Your blog posts are always a treat for the eyes Ruthie :)
    And yesterday, even though we were only in the warmth of the car, the sun was all golden & hazy & made me feel like spring was definitely on it's way! *sighs*

  7. Oh, Ruthie - thanks for this.

    Loving your blessing tree - and the link to the blessing audio - simply stunning. I feel truly blessed!

  8. It's beautiful Ruthie! Your love of celtic design shines though the painting! :)
    Jess xx

  9. hello Ruthie~
    Such a wonderful post. i love how you see patterns in our world and share them with us. Your art is gorgeous as can be!

  10. Oh wow, that is just so beautiful....I love that Celtic Blessing.
    I love your montage of photos.
    I love Daffodils, gorgeous yellow dancing little suns shining.x

  11. Hey Ruthie
    Wonerful post as always. Beautiful photo's and words to match. I too love your Blessing tree so talented you are :)
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment such kind words.
    Have a great weekend.
    Julie xx

  12. Oh Ruthie, what a wonderful post! Your photos are so inspirational, especially the celtic slab - what a treasure! And I LOVE love LOVE your blessing tree painting!
    Thank you for brightening my morning with this x

  13. oh I love your painting and that blessing is lovely. Enjoyed your photos. Hugs Sara

  14. Lovely post Ruthie, I recognize Barlocco and the Murray Isles beyond the sheep, you've been into the hills !

  15. Gorgeous tree!!!! LOVE it and all your photos! Your world looks so magical and enchanted! Hope you are doing great! March is a little crazy here... the beautiful days are amazing and then there are strange weather and foggy days. Last night I wore a huge wool scarf to class. What I love are the unexpected flowers that bloom early. :)

  16. Ohmygosh, those photos, that painting, that Celtic prayer...I love it all :)

    Happy March :)

  17. So much beauty in one post Ruthie. Stunning photos, simply beautiful artwork, and I have taken the deep peace blessing as my guide for today.
    Lots of love,

  18. Wonderful images, uplifting, all of it, in keeping with my favourite season, and Poppy, well, she has to be the best news of all!

  19. Oh Ruthie, I think this is my all time favorite of yours. Absolutely beautiful and I love the blessing it contains.
    Your photos always transport me...oh my, that one of the twisted tree branches. Thank you for sharing them.

  20. This is a beautiful piece, it just shines with the spirit of peace and contentment, positively inspired!

  21. What a lovely exhibition! I adore your Blessing Tree too. The hares are especially magical. x

  22. I love Celtic knotwork too, the designs on the stones in your photos are beautiful. I love the words of the Celtic Blessing too. I love the textures of the trees and leaves in your photos too.


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