March 14, 2012

What brings you peace, part 1

 As a thank you to all you precious & lovely followers.
I have here sat in my studio an A4 print of my newest creation
"Celtic Blessing Tree"  to give to some lovely reader.
Written around the tree is the Celtic Irish blessing "Deep Peace"
 So, to enter I thought it would be lovely to hear 
your thoughts on what brings you "Peace". . . .
For me is is being out in Mother nature,
walking in quiet woods, listening to the song of birds or 
standing on a sandy shore, the tang of the sea on my tongue.
  I do ask that you be either a follower of this blog, 
my inspiration blog "A faerietale of Inspiration"  or
my Ruthie Redden Artworks Facebook page to take part.
To enter please leave your "Deep Peace" thoughts below.
Open for comments until Saturday 31st March midnight.
( a special date for me as it was the day Mr O & I 1st met).
I so look forward to hearing what brings you Peace . . .
and thought it might be lovely to compile some of them
in a later post -  if you dont mind that is ;-)
x x x 
 (ps: The print is also for sale in my shop Mythweaver )


  1. Hmmm.. deep peace comes to me when I'm staring into the deep harbour. We moved to our home at the edge of things 2 years ago and our windows overlook the deep harbour of Newhaven, Edinburgh. The ebb and flow of the water never fails to bring me a sense of profound peace.

    In fact, this morning on my walk I stayed looking into the deep water for a long time, and just when I was about to leave, a seal popped it's head up through the surface. Felt so blessed.

  2. For me it is walking in the woods, hearing an owl call on a dark night and sitting down at my studio table with my hands sculpting, painting and sewing, with my head in the otherworlds.
    Beautiful artwork Ruthie!

  3. Feelings of Deep Peace to me is sitting on the bench outside my backdoor, just about any time of day, observing nature, looking, seeing, smelling,touching, and feeling inside of bliss.
    But, best of all, of an evening or in the night if I can't sleep, watching the sky, stars, clouds, falling stars, watching the foxes,occasionally stoats,neighbours cats, Barn owl...if you look there is so much to see hear and be thankful for!

    Sandie xx

  4. Oh gosh... just reading these other comments is making me take that deep sigh of peacefulness :)
    But in everyday life? I bet you can guess Ruthie... standing on a cliff top (not too close!!) & looking out over a wide expanse of blue. Free & endless. :)

  5. On a stormy night when the rain is pouring down heavily on the window I just love to lie in my cosy bed and listen to the sounds outside. I find this very relaxing and my mind wanders off to... wherever it wants to and I fall asleep.

    Regards & thanks
    Marie Goldstraw

  6. Deep peace for me is walking in the woods, listening to the dawn chorus, watching my dog run with unbridled joy. Listening to the rain pouring outside, while warm & dry with a cup of tea. Blowing kisses to the moon.
    Deep peace to you Ruthie :) x

  7. I can feel deep peace at unexpected moments. One time I was driving out to my daughter's home. I had Ralph Vaughn William's "Lark Ascending" playing. Just as the violin began it's lyrical cadenza, I turned the corner and there above a wide field was a huge flock of starlings performing their mysterious aerial ballet. My breath caught in my throat at the sight. I pulled the car over to witness this vast body of feathers in flight miraculously move as one mind to the music like some spontaneous, choreographed dance. I was mesmerized by the ebb and flow of their murmuration. The beauty of the music and the chance encounter of the starlings' ballet in the sky moved me to tears and I experienced such deep, profound peace. This memory is safely tucked away in my treasure pocket to pull out when I need reassurance of Creation's tranquility.
    Thank you ruthie, for giving me a reason to remember it once more.

  8. Sitting by a rushing stream, under great cedars, until water song fills me up and I feel I've been far away. One of many ways to deep peace.
    Writing Small Stones helps - little bits of daily writing that capture a moment of focused noticing. You can see some of mine at
    Thanks for a chance at your lovely print!

  9. What a lovely invitation, and such beautiful responses.

    I find deep peace just now when I am working in the garden, there is no thought in my head beyond this plant, these roots, this branch, these leaves. I can hear the sound of the river, moving, and there is bird song all around. In recent days I have heard oystercatchers flashing down the river, and woodpeckers hammering on the telegraph poles, as well as the robins and blackbirds who make me cry with their songs of gratitude and delight.

    I never realised I could experience such deep peace from working in the garden. I really need it just now, and am very grateful to have found at the point when I did.

  10. Love the last photo especially, I just wish I could be there and listen to the atmosphere, it sure streams with mystical peace and quietness.

  11. Rutie
    your art deep peace inspires a feeling of peace mixed with joy it me, it is lovely! As are your photographs. You have tamerack trees too (the little buds), we also call the Western Larch.

    peace rises naturally when i quiet and blend with our natural world. listening also brings me peace; listening from an open and caring stance.

    contemplating peace inspires peace, i am finding this as i write you.

    lovely week to you.

  12. First of all compliments for your wonderful works. Deep peace... with my basic English I'll try to write something...
    I can feel deep peace when I have the serenity and I'm in peace with myself; while I'm making my little books; when, travelling, I can see the wonderful things of this magic world; when the love makes me happy... Many moments with many emotions... The most important great thing is the serenity and living with the simplicity of a child this wonderful life. I hope it's enough :o))
    I put in the sidebar of my blog your Giveaway link. Compliments for all. I always follow your blogs especially A Faerietale of Inspiration. "Arrivederci" :o)

  13. Oh how lovey...I love your banner by the way, so gorgeous.
    I find peace in Nature...mainly walking, feeling the earth beneath my feet and a breeze on my face.
    Being with my girls...when they are happy and healthy...brings me peace.
    Yoga and meditating brings me peace.....I am in fact a very peaceful person!
    Much love and peace to you.

  14. Sitting in my favourite valley, just before dusk, this is when this seem to take on a special light and if the air is cooling after a warm day the aroma of the tree's and earth rise up along with my animal self............I get lost in the last buzzing of the day and the calls of goodnight as the birds get ready to return to their nests, then the ghostly flutterings of the pippastrel bat, I breath deeply sit very still. When the cold finally seeps through, I feel as if I have been away to a far away place and the peace is so heavy my head swims.

  15. Deep peace is my life at 65, freedom and time to pursue my loves. Writing and photography, reading and music, cooking and....sleeping late. There is room for meditation and every moment is full.

  16. Anonymous15/3/12 02:05

    A hand on any one of my pets, their fur comforting and warmly meshing with my palm; the sights from the top of Dunkery Beacon 180degree confirmation that I have infinite possibilities, if I want them. Moving tinkling silvery ripples of the many springs, streams and brooks that surround my location, sustaining and nurturing; mellow, rich, delicious hot chocolate, sigh inducing and satisfying, all these things are as deeply satisfying as a long yoga like breath.

  17. Although I love and enjoy being around many people, being alone with my own thoughts usually brings me the most peace. At those times I don't feel the need to measure up to anyone else's notion of who or what I should be... it's just between myself and God.

  18. If we live our lives in perfect trust, enlightened spirits will always shine inside ourselves..
    Deep peace moves and whirls around us ... we may perceive it in perfect love with our inner divine the moon and the stars, by the sun and warm days...
    what ye send out, comes back to thee,
    so share your peace each and every instant of your life!
    Bliss and blessings kind Ruthie

  19. Late at night when the house is quiet, but for the ticking of the clock, as my sweet little dog is sleeping on my lap a feeling of peace surrounds me.

  20. Lovely post Ruthie.
    This wont win, but peace to me is a good night's sleep. The kind of sleep where you wake up slowly in the morning and all's right with the world.

  21. As I have grown older, lost loved ones and faced death myself I have come to appreciate and treasure life more. When we are young we are all immortal! I love all the seasons and the reassuring way in which nature never gives up even in the face of great hardship. Spring always comes and in the death of seasons and wildlife there is beauty and grace. I derive deep peace from knowing tomorrow will come, somewhere, for someone. That and a cup of tea!

  22. Beautiful tree!

    What brings me peace ... walking in Ojai with my sister near her home, taking a long bath while listening to music (which is sounding good right now!), a good art project that I am really into, walking around a museum and seeing amazing art and going into beautiful old churches in Europe ... now I am off to take that bath!

  23. Wild Roses31/3/12 17:55

    Hi Ruthie, just came across this again - don't put me in for the draw as I don't think I'm an official follower - but it just inspired me to want to say that the most peace I have felt in a very long time was the calm and love given to us by the family friend who is a minister of the church and who conducted my father's funeral on thursday - and the stillness of the 1000 year old church when we visited the next day neither had anything to do with creed or dogma - simply the love we all held in common for such a dear and special man. xxx

  24. Peace.

    I've long been at peace with myself and my place in the world, ever since I was 16 in fact.

    Much the same as you, peace for me is nature. Biological nature is a big part of this yes, walking through a forest trail, or swimming in a beaver pond, but real peace is so much more. Knowing you're place in the universe, realizing that the atoms and molecules that comprise of you're being were once the fiery guts of a star, the teeth of a T-rex, and the leaves of a Cyprus tree. Everything and everyone is interconnected, we are not part of this universe, we ARE the universe.

    That is what brings me peace. That and chai tea :D.

  25. I too find a deep connection and identification with nature. Loved your words :))

  26. Anonymous6/5/12 23:24

    Ooh, another beautiful print! How I wish I had seen this giveaway when it was happening! But I get to enjoy it now, as I wander through your blog.

    I too find deep peace most in nature. I am so moved by the beauty and centered nature that our mother earth provides. And of course nature knows how to balance everything.


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