May 05, 2009

a world of detail

. . . macro lens at the readytaking in tiny details my eye would otherwise miss
with great anticipation i wait . . .
to discover a secret world of wonders
appearing on my screen
i love the way the camera allows me to discover the world
* * *
i try to keep my blog space a happy corner - but today i am a grumpy me (sorry)
for tomorrow i am off for another injection into my shoulder (gulp)
tis beginning to wear me down a wee bit, this arm o mine not working so well as it should
it would be my painting/blogging arm too & its slowing me down (grumble)
nobody seems so very able to pinpoint the problem (sigh)
it might be a trapped nerve, or a pulled tendon, or wear & tear or that i have long ligaments??
the most annoying thing....that i have to ask for help lifting & opening things
any suggested cures would be most gratefully received!


  1. Anonymous6/5/09 02:12

    Gorgeous shots! But so sorry about your shots...ouch! Wish I had some suggestion for you. I use arnica-based massage oil a lot, but it sounds like your pain is deeper than my aching muscles after a run. Here's to hoping they can figure out a strategy to help you feel better soon...

  2. They're lovely pics, Ruthie. I was walking the Pondage this morning and saw a lot of hoary mossy stuff on the path that had fallen off the overhanging branches - all different colours and I wished I'd had my camera with me.

    Sorry to hear about your shoulder - I'd ask for a referral to another Specialist. LBx

  3. I love those macro shots, opens up a whole new world of interest. When I had a bad frozen shoulder I tied physio etc. but it was two go's at acupuncture that shifted it in the end.

  4. Wonderful images! Sorry to hear about your shoulder, have you tried acupunture? It works really well for things like this :)

  5. Lovely photos...I just love all of the fine details one can see through a camera lens. I wish I knew of something to help with your shoulder.
    The accupuncture suggestions sound like a good possibility!
    Hope you're better soon.
    Sometimes these things just heal on their own with time.

  6. Incredible shots - I particularly like the worm's eye view of the mushroom! Isn't it amazing what one sees when they take time to smell the roses...and have a close look?

  7. Beautiful sign of grumbles in your pics :)
    Wishing you luck for tomorrow. I hope they find the problem and are able to numb the pain.

  8. Sorry to hear about the arm, I'd try gentle stretch / pull several times a day, but I don't know much about it so see a specialist and get better!

  9. I feel for you. I have been through shoulder surgeries (both sides) and I do remember the injections prior to. Also, they didn't seem to help mine much at all, hence the inevitable surgery. Our joints are such tender spots! I hope it's not too bad for you and that they find some long term relief for you soon.

  10. I'm afraid I don't have any advice for your shoulder - I hope you feel better soon!
    But I just thought I'd drop you a quick line to say that I think your blog is beautiful, and thankyou for sharing!

    Faye x

  11. Fantastic photos. I am sorry to hear about your shoulder and hope you get it sorted soon.

  12. Sorry to hear about your arm. :( Hope it gets sorted out soon!
    Beautiful photos, so amazing how things look close up, its definitely another world in itself. Wow, you must have a fantastic camera.

  13. My suggested cure is acupuncture. It worked on my carpal tunnel syndrome and my twisted knee. I recommend it highly!

  14. thank you all for your comments & suggestions for my groggy shoulder!! looks like acupuncture is coming tops!! just have to get over my huge fear of needles!!!! maybe need hypnotherapy 1st ;-)

  15. Hi Ruthie,
    Wonderful photos. It is great to see nature so close up!

  16. Anonymous7/5/09 15:08

    I am not surprised you are feeling grumpy, consistant pain discomfort like you describe can do that.I wonder if you have a frozen shoulder, it took weeks for mine to be diagnosed, after which I was given some physiotherapy excersises to do which helped tremendously. If it is something like that I have some excercise leaflets I could post to you.
    Your photographs are very beautiful, you have a real gift for capturing beauty that is both delicate and stunning!
    I really love your blog :o)

  17. Poor you! I have had shoulder and neck problems over the years. Time does tend to cure most ills especially if you have pulled ligaments. I am also a great cod liver oil fan which helped my very elderly father. Hope it works for you.

  18. Beautiful photos.
    I'm so sorry about your shoulder. I had a problem with my wrist last autumn. It was from taking up knitting, if you can believe that! A knitting humiliating. Turns out I had a sort of injury that actually had a name... a long French one that I won't attempt to spell at the moment, I finally gave in and got a cortizone shot, which totally took care of it after about two days. No problems since. You may already be doing that, but it helped for me!

  19. What wonderful pic's. I couldn't pick a favourite they're all so beautiful! Sorry no suggestions but I do hope they sort your arm out soon. Healing Hugs xx

  20. Anonymous10/5/09 19:49

    These a truly gifted photographs. So special how you pick up all the little beautiful wonders and capture them. I love looking at these. Thank you.

  21. loving your photos!
    and wishing you healing.

  22. So sorry to hear about your troubling pains. I've had a few of those here and there but fortunately they went away.

    Beautiful macro shots!! What mm are you using? Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I'm really enjoying my visit on your blog.


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