May 21, 2009

isle of skye treasures . . .

i promised more skye treasure, so here are some of our best bits
* * *
clambering down to Flodiggary bay & finding spirals of ancient amonites

fossils at flodiggary baycoming across a tiny township of thatched crofts
taking a fascinating peep into the old ways of island life
going for a long shore walk & finding this wonderful coral beach with its tiny, delicate treasuresbut for our absolutely most treasured discovery
tucking ourselves into a tiny boat at Dunvegan castle
and then with bated breath, having a dream come true . . . so close i could have reached out & touched them
beautiful seals, stretching lazily in the morning sunshine
* * *
can you tell i have fallen in love with this breathtaking island
and to think i so nearly didnt go, too much to do i said!
how glad am i that mr o persuaded me to come along on his trip
( he was playing at the islands rscds's annual gathering )
* * *
ps: lots of my skye images here if you would like more!


  1. Anonymous23/5/09 14:16

    Oh those seals! How wonderful. The pictures are truly stunning. I'm so glad you went. Now I must get there!! :)

  2. Anonymous23/5/09 14:29

    Lovely pictures of the shells and coral! But the seals are the best bit - were there any selkies among them? I remember being allowed to "steer" a fishing boat on trip to see the Skye seals when I was about 3! The captain was such a nice man.

  3. Anonymous23/5/09 15:19

    Lovely pictures, I shall have to visit Skye one day!

  4. Gosh! so breathtakingly beautiful!
    Glad you had a good time.
    I know at the YMCA in Kuala Lumpur, they teach Scottish dancing too.
    Thanks for popping in!

  5. It is as if you can reach out and touch time there.

    Breathtakingly beautiful.

    There is a Highland Game celebration not far from me in North Carolina that also celebrates Flora MacDonald.

  6. Beautiful! The photos on flickr are gorgeous. I especially liked the photo of the rusty chains at portree harbour.

    Oh, and the sky when it was moody in some of the pics - lovely.

  7. Stunning shots on Flickr; you're a gifted photographer - many thanks. So many places we'd love to visit....

    My brother's been a Scottish dancer for decades! LBx

  8. Skye is truly like another planet. One of our favourite places ever. We always stay at Flodigarry House, so I know right where you were!! It looks like you had the most divine weather as well!! I am off to see more of your wonderful photographs!!

  9. Ah, your Skye photos are gorgeous. It looks like a most wonderful place. Thanks again for my vicarious Scottish fix...

  10. How wonderful that you got so close to the seals. Did you see any selkies??

  11. What a beautiful place ...

  12. Hi Ruthie,
    Your Skye photos are beautiful.
    Glad to hear you had a lovely time
    I would like to visit someday.:)

  13. I've enjoyed looking at all of your photos of Skye... I can almost feel like I'm there and am in awe of the beauty!

  14. Love the photographs especially the shells. Brought back memories of Skye, camping years ago. You had such lovely weather.

  15. Oh MY! Those are lovely photos! You were quite lucky to have gone!

  16. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment!
    I love your photos and your artwork!!! so I will follow you!
    Gr. Anna

  17. I loved you Skye photos and have linked to a slideshow of them on my "Photos from Others" page. Keep up the good work :)

  18. Ruthie, I am so grateful for your imagery. I have MacLeod in my family roots, and have heard so many stories of lore and longing about Dunvegan Castle. Your art is quite lovely, I resonate with the way you see the world. You have given us all real treasures. Thank you.


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