April 01, 2009

tudor times & chester

our travels took us further into the beautiful old city such detail, everywhere

black & white & beautifully tudor

and further still, around the ancient city walls our feet were aching at the end of the day
but our imagination was stirred
the city of chester


  1. Anonymous1/4/09 12:20

    I'm really enjoying all of these photos, especially the ones of stained glass - the banner of pictures above the blog heading is fantastic!

  2. Anonymous1/4/09 19:46

    What a beautiful adventure! Great scenery to stir the imagination. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Ruthie, I love your new header. Once again, I envy you living near so much history! The photos are wonderful. LBx

  4. well...I need to go traveling... Your photos are really wonderful

  5. thank you for the comments re my new header banner, i have been pondering for ages what to put up there. so glad u all enjoying the photos of our travells, we are very lucky to have such beautiful historic places to visit.

  6. Hi ruthie,
    I love the photos of your travels...I've always loved drawing places like that...seeing them through photos, how wonderful that you can actually visit them!
    I also love your new banner!

  7. Greetings, I found you via Beautiful Necessity and wanted to introduce myself. Have been enjoying your lovely photos.

    I've been to Chester once and your photos remind me of all the beauty the UK has to offer. Great photos!!!

  8. If I'd have known that you were so close by I would have invited you around for a cuppa!

  9. This is my first visit to your blogsite. I have enjoyed my visit of your travels and your paintings. I will be back to visit again soon.

    Gramma Ann

  10. Beautiful pictures!
    I'd heard that Chester has wonderful architecture, but I have yet to go there.
    Thanks for sharing. x

  11. Anonymous3/4/09 16:45

    So many Beautiful images
    So happy to visit here

  12. Lovely! I've never been to Chester but it looks like I ought to! I hope your stay in Bristol lived up to expectations and you had a nice time :)x

  13. Anonymous3/4/09 20:43

    The new header is lovely and bright, the photos are wonderful.x

  14. Hi Ruthie, you must let me know where your daughter's exhibition is...or her name! I can look ut for it. :)x

  15. thanks for all those lovely comments and i think i shall stay with the new header!

  16. The Rows are wonderful aren't they? There is so much history in Chester, usually I rush straight to the Record Office to do family history research so on my next visit I must plan an extra day just to look round. I was born and grew up in Cheshire but have never walked round the city walls of Chester! Great photos especially the lion/griffin?

  17. I love your travel-photo posts! Makes me feel like I'm having a bit of a vicarious trip myself. Such beautiful views...

  18. Anonymous2/12/09 01:21

    I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool


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