April 06, 2009

precious things giveaway . . .

today i am celebrating my 100th blog post and
the launch of my new blog a faerietale of inspiration (see post below)
* * *
as a huge big thank you to all who have visited & inspired & left lovely words
i have painted a guardian angel to send out to some wee corner of the world
* * *
if you have a wee corner and you would like her to come to you
just drop in, say hello & perhaps you will share one or two of your own precious things

next tuesday my angel will tiptoe back to discover if we have found her a new home
she will have 5 other precious things to take with her when she leaves !!
ps she is not quite finished yet (20cm x 30cm)!!!


  1. A guardian angel - what wonderful idea! Thanks for the info. about Hannah, I've found where her exhibition is and it's a place I go to very often and have even had many exhibiitons there myself! She's a talented girl, you must be very proud. :)x

  2. Anonymous7/4/09 14:37

    She is just gorgeous! Currently, the most precious thing in my life is my toddler who, without his daily nap, gets sleepy and oh-so-uncharacteristically calm & cuddly in the afternoons. :-)

  3. Congrats on 100th post, you are a beautifully creative individual.
    abbraccio grande

  4. Congratulations on your 100th post. I'm glad I found your blog not long ago. I checked out your new blog and it is wonderful too. I will be sure to check it every time I check this blog.

    My most precious thing is my daughter, almost 27. I almost lost her five years ago so now she is doubly precious to me.

  5. One hundred down, one million to go. Keep at it1

  6. She is lovely and colorful! I am growing nearer to my 100th post too! Thanks for the comment about the moo cards! I didn't even plan to order them...I just was experimenting with the moo site, and they were so easy and fun to make that I forked over my credit card before I knew what was happening! I am really happy with them :)
    My most precious thing is my pup, Ruby, who loves me unconditionally!
    Congrats on your hundredth post!

  7. Anonymous8/4/09 04:47

    Oh, what a sweet giveaway. Each moment is precious to me! I am grateful for my blessed life.

  8. Ooh ooh...I love the other blog!:) I love inspirational pretties like you have on there!

    Gorgeous Guardian angel!:)
    And congrats on the 100th post! yay! I know I don't comment as often as I should, but yours is definately one of my favourite blogs:)I look forward to the next 100!!

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog. I have been looking at your lovely artwork and photographs, will spent time enjoying it all.

  10. It seems that I can either garden, or read blogs - not both! :-) The rain is returning, so maybe I'll be inside for awhile now.

    Congrats on your 100th post. You do present a most wonderful place of beauty and inspiration. Thank you for all that you share. I love my visits here.

  11. Ruthie, congratulations on your 100th blog! Your snippet on my blog shows that you have a post about Bruno Torfs but it's not coming up!

    His garden was only 20 minutes from my home. He and his family were on a current affairs program two weeks ago and they're going to rebuild it. I have a beautiful slide show of what it used to be. I can email it to you if you wish.

    Happy Easter!


  12. The angel is beautiful, you are very talented. Like others my children and grandchildren are precious to me but besides that the photographs and history of my family are my most prized possessions especially the photos of my parents - memories and photographs are all that I have of them now as both died many years ago.

  13. Cngratulations for the 100th post. It is a huge number.
    It is my first visit to your blog...but not the last...Beautiful angel.
    The most precious thing in my life is my family (specialy my husband and my 5 years old son) but also the power of feeling alive.
    Hugs from Barcelona (Spain)

  14. thanking you all for your wonderful comments & for sharing your precious things, such a grand response. we are away to discover a winner & shall post winner later today!!


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