April 29, 2009

sculpting & sewing & sketching

a butterfly finally finisheda watercolour painting of a buckeye butterfly by ruthie
collecting shells from the shorea watercolour of a pelicans foot sea shell by ruthie
carving wee heads in clay (very 1st try!!)1st try at making a clay head
recycling a mr o shirt into my studio apron
recycled mans shirt into an apronlearning to let go & doodle
sketch book doodles - journal saying big thank you's to julie
for a mention on her blog!!


  1. Hi, I came over from Julie's.
    Your art is wonderful.

  2. I love your butterfly. I painted all of the shells I collected in Tasmania with clear nailpolish - they look wet and more colourful. They're in a little dish in my bathroom.

  3. Anonymous29/4/09 11:18

    Hi Ruthie
    Your painted sketches are beautiful.
    I haven't sketched or paited myself for such a long time, I feel inspired now to have a go.
    Your magical pixieish heads are wonderful!
    Many thanks to you for your lovely encouraging comments on my blog.
    I always love visiting yours too.
    You do produce the loveliest things x

  4. Lovely to see all your different art work. The butterfly, clay heads , photographs and sewing. It is great when you feel like this, so alive, just wanting to see and do creative things. The days are just not long enough!

  5. Holy crow Ruthie your work is amazing. The best part of you visiting me is that I get to visit you.

    Your work, well, I am in love now. The butterfly, beautiful.

    Renee xoxox

  6. I do love your butterfly!! It's just perfect.

    I spent a couple of hours last evening planting scores of lantana and penta in my mother's garden. Both are excellent temptations to butterflies, so I'm hopeful she will have lots of winged visitors this summer.

  7. I envy anyone who has artistic ability, I can't draw or paint or sculpt or anything else. I'd love to be able to do watercolours of wild flowers and butterflies especially.

  8. Love the dolls heads! Amazing they're your first attempt! I am worried if I try to sculpt something it will turn out like a squashed tomato!!

    Love your letting go and doodling doodles too, you obviously have dolls on the brain! Fantastic! I feel so inspired now, Thank You! :)

  9. Thanks for visiting and the lovely comment! Your butterfly is so beautiful and I admire your versatility! Saw my first butterfly of the year yesterday in our garden...just love spring!

  10. gemma thank you, lovely to meet you!

    coccinella, i am going to varnish the pebbles we collect, it brings out the colours beautifully.

    sumea, thank you, so lovely all the inspiring that goes on here in blog world!

    Milly, i know, i so wish sometimes i only needed the minimum hours for sleeping, think how much more i could do!

    Rennee, thank you, so sweet, lovely to see you here.

    Pamela & edward, its wonderful to see butterflies in the garden, sounds as if your mother will have many visitors! buddlea is a fave of mine for that very reason. the children called it the butterfly bush!

    Rowan, maybe not but your photography is wonderful & by the looks of your drawer of infinite possibilities you are a very "crafty" lady xx

    Angela, thank you, i do think my dolls head is a little frightening really. looking at my work i suppose i do rather have dolls on my mind! mmmm.

  11. Wow! That butterfly is breathtaking...Love the ink lines & color. Your cute clay heads have so much potential as little
    personalities; can't wait to see what you do with them. And many great ideas come from doodling, so doodle on!
    More, please. :-)

  12. Both of your blogs are over-the-top wonderful inspiration...so glad I found you...enjoy..

  13. hey! thanks for visiting my blog too!! love the stuff you've done. both of your blogs are awesome, i had to start following ya! feel free to check in on mine from time to time :)

    ps-loooove the butterfly

  14. Beautiful butterfly - you are a very talented lady ... :0)

  15. I love your butterfly, and your shells.

    You called me Julia in thanking me. That's okay. I was born Julia but have always been called Julie to distinguish me from my Grandma Julia. It was actually legally changed to Julie when I was adopted by my stepfather when I was 12 and took his last name.

    BTW - Gemma is a really good blogging friend of mine. I think you will enjoy her blog immensely. She is a talented artist too.

  16. Hi Ruthie!
    I'm so glad that you found me through DJ :) You have an absolutely lovely blog, and you are so talented in so many things! I'll be sure to visit often. Your carved heads are SUPER precious! I'm working on some little hand molded ponies right now...they'll be ready to gallop to my blog in a few more days :)

    Glad to know you :)

  17. Awesome, you are doing some sculptures now!!! Everything looks wonderful!

  18. Hi Ruthie, adding my comment here as well, as I'm not sure if you subscribed to the comments on my page as to whether or not you'll see my reply on there! So here it is again:

    You're welcome, making doll heads looks very very scary! I haven't made any miniatures yet, I tend to trawl ebay for handmade and unusual miniatures, I think I shall have to try making something miniature, just not sure where to start! I shall have to find some step-by-step guides, and something simple to start with! :)

  19. Hi There. Beautiful butterfly! Fabulous sketches. What a great bit of recycling. And your walk looked so relaxing and peaceful on your previous post! xx

  20. Anonymous2/5/09 23:52

    It was lovely that you visited my blog, and left me a message that reached me during one of my glitches. I guess being sensitive and prone to depression is one side of creativity and cherishing and seeing... What a beautiful blog of talents you've given us to nourish ourselves, thank you, you're an extremely gifted woman! lizzie X

  21. I love your creations. has a little mucha-esk feeling too.
    Your talented and creative, happy I found you. I follow you now!!
    Here is my blog, if you should want to take a peep

  22. Anonymous5/5/09 23:11

    Hi Ruthie
    How are you?
    Hope you've had a lovely weekend.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work x
    Have a great week

  23. I like your "wee heads" and your doodles.

    I must go paint a bit..have been watching a RObert Carlyle dvd. Now to make some art!


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